The A-z Of Celebrity Diets

Jennifer Aniston (Pic:Getty)Jennifer Aniston (Pic:Getty)

Even those oh-so slim celebs will have over-indulged over Christmas and will now be looking to shift a few pounds – so don’t panic! Here are their secret Hollywood diet tips to help whisk away evidence of those extra helpings of, well, everything…

A is for…

All-new Atkins Diet A decade ago, the no carb/high protein Atkins was the most popular diet in Hollywood, with celebrity followers including Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger.

The theory is if carbohydrates are restricted the body turns to fat to burn as its main energy source, resulting in a rapid and dramatic weight loss.

But its popularity dived after heart disease and high-cholesterol scares. But now Atkins is back, new and improved and with more varied foods on the menu. Dieters can include healthy carbs such as wholegrain bread, brown rice, pasta and fruit. Wise protein choices include grilled chicken, lean meats and fish. Jen is believed to be a fan of the more relaxed Atkins lite.

B is for…

Baby food

Yes, A-listers such as Reese Witherspoon and Desperate Housewives’ Marcia Cross spoon in jars of baby food when they need to slim their waistlines. Baby food dieters replace two meals a day with a pot of pureed baby food and then fill up on one healthy adult meal. As the average baby food jar contains about 80 calories, it’s a dramatic calorie cutting diet.

Marcia Cross swapped junk food snacks for baby food to keep the hunger pangs at bay. She shed more than 50lbs of baby weight. So, open wide – here comes the chew-chew train.

Blood group diet Love

Actually star Martine McCutcheon is believed to have slimmed to a size 10 on this regime. The theory is our blood type affects how the body absorbs nutrients. The diet’s creator Dr Peter D’Adamo believes if we stick to suggested foods suitable for different blood types the body will digest food more effectively, resulting in weight loss. Blood Group Os should eat meat, group As should be veggie, Bs and ABs can eat a varied diet.

C is for…


The pick-me-up can be a dieter’s best friend and one that Diet Coke fans Drew Barrymore, Cate Blanchett, Lara Flynn Boyle, Kim Basinger and Caprice know all about.

A cup of coffee before a gym workout could help you burn more fat. Researchers at the Australian Institute of Sport found caffeine triggers the muscles to use energy from fat sources rather than carbohydrate.

But even if you are not a gym bunny, daily caffeine fixes can help raise your metabolism, and the stimulant acts as a mild appetite suppressant. Sorry, we’re not talking full-fat latte.

Cabbage soup

It’s not exactly varied or tasty but devotees swear it works. Zoe Ball and Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar are fans of this rapid weight-loss programme. The rules are you eat cabbage soup for seven days, which fills you up, along with fruit, vegetables, fish and chicken. Follow closely and lose up to 10lb in a week. Shame about the taste, though.

D is for…


Kate Moss (pic: Rex)Kate Moss (pic: Rex)

It never goes out of fashion and many dieters will be turning to a detox plan after all that Christmas excess. Kate Moss and Sadie Frost have been spotted leaving celeb detox doctor Nish Joshi’s Joshi Clinic in West London. Juliette Binoche and Patsy Kensit are also believed to have followed his treatments.

“These famous women come to me because they want to look good and feel healthy,” says Joshi.

After a few weeks on my detox diet they notice the difference.”

The detox plan involves avoiding refined sugary and “toxic” foods such as wheat, potatoes, dairy produce, citrus fruits, red meat and alcohol.

E is for…

Emotional eating Almost half of British adults eat to combat the blues, boredom, stress and loneliness according to a study from the Priory Hospital. Comfort eating is something singer-turned-TV presenter Myleene Klass has experienced and overcome.

“When I was being told to diet, I comfort-ate,” the mum-of-one admits. “The problem is, when I’m happy, I eat; when I’m sad, I eat. I can’t think of one single emotional condition where I don’t want to eat.”

Ex-Corrie actress Lucy-Jo Hudson (who played murderess Katy Harris) dropped two dress sizes by tackling her emotional eating.

“I ate so much chocolate while I was doing those draining storylines,” she says. “My stomach used to ache all the time, and then I’d eat a whole lot again the next day.”

If you understand why you are eating you can easily tackle the problem, according to registered dietitian Nigel Denby founder of nutrition website for parents www.grub4life.org.uk.

“You can get over it quite quickly,” he says. “Simple practical measures can help. Exercise more to lift your mood, take a relaxing bath.

Acknowledge that you are turning to food when you need comfort.”

F is for…

Fruit juices Fruit and vegetables never go out of fashion for stars eager to keep in shape and juices or smoothies are an easy way to get your antioxidant fix.

“Juicing furnishes the body with the finest, easiest to ingest ingredients on the planet and retains 95% of the nutrients in fruit and vegetables,” according to ‘Juice Master’ Jason Vale.

Fruit juice fans include Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow and Alicia Silverstone.

Katie Price/Jordan credited fruit and vegetable juices with her rapid post-baby weight loss.

She opted for blends of avocado, pineapple, spinach and celery, which she said, “sounds revolting but it’s delicious”.

For more information visit Jason’s website at www.juicemaster.com

G is for…

Green tea

Christina Aguilera (Pic: Reuters)Christina Aguilera (Pic: Reuters)

This oriental tea is a fantastic metabolism booster. Christina Aguilera drinks it to keep her in shape.

Research shows green tea increases thermogenesis, the process by which your body burns the calories you consume, so one to two cups of tea a day could burn up to 70 calories.

Grapefruit diet

It’s a tough diet, but one that Brooke Shields is believed to be a fan of. Dieters eat half a grapefruit before every meal and stick to less than 800 calories a day.

Grapefruit contains fat-burning enzymes and if you follow the diet strictly you could lose up to 12lb in a fortnight.

H is for…


Lily Allen was all smiles when she shed 19lbs, dropping to a size eight. The singer had been under doctor’s orders to lose weight and get fit after she was diagnosed with a heart murmur.

Lily underwent hypnotherapy sessions with Harley Street hypnotherapist Susan Hepburn to re-programme her brain to enjoy eating healthy foods and feel positive about exercising.

Susan Hepburn has her own DVD called Weight Loss Without Diet – Hypnosis.

I is for


Kylie Minogue (Pic:Getty Images)Kylie Minogue (Pic:Getty Images)

Kylie Minogue, Kim Cattrall and Jodie Kidd are all fans of the Glycaemic Index Diet, which is rich in pulses, oats, fruits and wholegrains, but bans processed carbs. Foods are ranked on a scale from zero to 100 based on how much they affect blood sugar. Low-GI foods help stabilise blood-sugar levels so you dont go through cycles of sugar highs and lows. Youll feel fuller for longer and less likely to snack. Read Rosemary Conleys Ultimate GI Jeans Diet book.

J is for

Japanese food

Victoria Beckham takes her dietary cue from Japanese cuisine staying ultra-trim thanks to edamame beans and seaweed shakes. A traditional Japanese diet contains plenty of fish, vegetables, rice, fruit and soy. Plus portion sizes are smaller, cutting the calories.

In Okinawa, which has the greatest longevity in the world, people commonly eat ten different varieties of fruit and vegetables daily and up to three servings of omega-3 rich oily fish.

Soprano Lesley Garrett eats sushi and miso soup when she wants to lose weight.

K is for


Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria says the secret of her toned figure is kinesiology.

I have a degree in kinesiology, which is studying the body, physical training and appearance, Eva, 34, reveals. So a sensible attitude is ingrained in me. I like staying in shape and eating healthily.

Kinesiology is a holistic technique which can pinpoint imbalances in the body and identify which of those is a priority and what will be the most effective treatment.

For Eva it means following a healthy diet eating meat, fish and fresh vegetables.

L is for

Little and often

If you always serve up three meals a day, it may be time to shake up the routine.

Actress Charlize Theron believes her slim figure is down to eating little and often.

Im careful to eat a healthy balance of foods, but I eat six small meals a day, she admits. If I fancy a burger, rather than deprive myself Ill have a quarter of one.

Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger eats six small meals a day, as does Rod Stewarts missus Penny Lancaster.

Six small meals can suit some people really well, says dietitian Nigel Denby. It works by keeping your blood sugars steady so you are less tempted to snack. Psychologically as youre not going too long between eating, you dont feel deprived. Remember, though, it is LITTLE and often, so the portion has to be small.

M is for

Beyonce Gig Hit (Pic: Getty)Beyonce Gig Hit (Pic: Getty)

Maple syrup diet

This diet helped Beyonce Knowles drop a stone before starring in movie Dreamgirls.

For a fortnight she glugged a syrup mixed with lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper. Its called Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, made from the sap of maple and palm trees, and is available from health food shops.

It may be an extreme fad but followers say as well as dramatically losing weight you feel more alert and have clearer skin. The diet is flexible, you can follow it strictly, or do an occasional day, or replace some meals with the liquid.

N is for

The New York Diet Its an intensive boot-camp of a diet featured in celebrity trainer David Kirschs book The Ultimate New York Body Plan. Davids celebrity clients include Liv Tyler and Heidi Klum.

The regime allows five meals a day but only from certain food groups. No booze, bread, starchy carbs, dairy, fruit and saturated fats.

If you can stick to it the results could be tremendous, with a weight loss of up to 12lb in a fortnight, dropping two dress sizes.

O is for

One meal a day

The rich and famous are queuing up to reveal their once-a-day habits. Liz Hurley admitted a disciplined diet of only one full meal a day was the key to shifting her baby weight. The only meal I have is dinner, she said.

Brooke Shields admits to eating one meal a

day as did Ashton Kutcher ahead of his 2009 movie Spread.

Also called the Caveman Diet, it harks back to the Stone Age when cavemen ate just one meal a day. For the caveman diet, your main meal of the day should be a balance of protein, carbs and vegetables in the evening.

P is for

Portion control

Eating the same sized meal as your other half? Then you need to look at your portion sizes.

Take a leaf out of actress Jessica Biels book when she orders meals in restaurants she always sends half back. Her mantra is Eat things you like, but eat them in smaller portions.

Halle Berry always keeps a watchful eye on how much shes eating, while Heroes star Hayden Panettiere goes one step further by eating a quarter of a portion and waiting to see if shes full. Portion control is going to be the big buzz word for the next few years, says dietitian Nigel Denby.

By having too big a portion at each meal you could be taking in as much as 7,000 extra calories each week.

One way is to eat half of your portion, but I recommend eating a smaller portion, then waiting 10 minutes. If you feel full, stop eating. If youre still not satisfied have just a bit more. It can also help to use a smaller plate.

Q is for


Hollywood reality show star Kim Kardashian announced on Twitter the secret behind her weight loss diet product Quick Trim.

The 28-year-old has been more famous for her curves than her TV appearances, but she decided to diet after seeing a picture of herself with cellulite on her thighs.

After losing half a stone she announced: I finally feel Ive reached my goal.

Quick Trim claims to rid the body of excess water weight, belly bloating and intestinal bulk.

R is for…

Raw Food Diet The clue is in the name – its all about, erm, raw food. A daily dietshould be made up of two thirds raw vegetables and one third meat (not pork), fish and dairy products. Uma Thurman, Demi Moore, Strictly Come Dancing’s Jo Wood and fashion designer Donna Karan are believed to be fans.

The idea is that raw food contains live enzymes which boost energy. These enzymes are destroyed during cooking. Eating raw vegetables also burns more calories than eating cooked vegetables.

Dieters build up the amount of raw food in their diet slowly, with the aim being to eat a majority raw food diet. See Carol Alt’s book Eating In The Raw.

S is for…

Cindy Crawford (Pic:Splash)Cindy Crawford (Pic:Splash)


Supermodel and mum-of-two Cindy Crawford still looks sensational at 43… and she puts it down to snacking during the day.

“I snack between breakfast and lunch and again at 4pm so that I’m not starving by the time I sit down to eat dinner,” she says.

Sorry, but we’re not talking KitKats at 11am or a bag of crisps in front of Corrie.

Sensible snacks include fresh vegetable and fresh and dried fruit, yoghurts and crispbreads with low-fat cheese.

Ex-EastEnder Hannah Waterman, 34, has lost a dramatic amount of weight, and now weighs just 7st 10lb, maintaining her weight loss with healthy snacks. “I’m now eating more snacks to keep my energy levels up,” she says,” mainly fruit and handfuls of unsalted cashews – 15 to be exact – they’re fattening if you have too many.”

If you’re feeling adventurous you could snack on beef jerky like Liz Hurley. The air-dried strips of beef only contain 74 calories a packet.

T is for…


Even the slimmest of stars treat themselves occasionally, and some claim regular “pig-outs” actually keep them on track.

Cheryl Cole says staying slim doesn’t have to mean she misses out on her favourite foods. “I believe you should pig out once a week,” says the 26-year-old singer. “I usually do it on a Sunday because that’s also my hangover day.”

Scary Spice Mel B also has a pig-out day once a week and actress Rita Simons – Roxy in EastEnders – allows herself the odd pig-out.

Mischa Barton agrees. “I eat healthy and sometimes I pig-out, but I exercise regularly,” says the former OC actress .

“It’s OK to have a few treats,” says dietitian Nigel Denby. “Healthy eating is all about enjoying your food and having treats in moderation.”

U is for…

Under the knife

Fern Britton (Pic: Rex Features)Fern Britton (Pic: Rex Features)

When Fern Britton admitted her five-stone weight loss was due to a gastric band surgery, private hospitals saw a surge in enquiries about the procedure.

Gastric-band surgery involves putting a band around the top of the stomach, preventing part of it from being used, so you feel fuller. It costs around 8,000 and the band can be tightened or loosened.

An alternative procedure is gastric bypass surgery (or stomach stapling) where part of the stomach is sealed off. With patients only able to eat small meals, weight loss is rapid .

However, maintaining a steady weight afterwards can be more challenging as Sharon Osbourne and TV presenter Anne Diamond discovered.

V is for…


Follow the lead of the likes of Sienna Miller and Liz Hurley and swap wine for vodka. One shot contains 55 calories, compared to 115 calories in a standard glass of wine.

“I don’t miss having a glass of wine because I’ve switched to vodka,” Liz says. “I don’t really like vodka that much but if I’m at a party I have a small one with a lot of fizzy water and a huge squeeze of lime. Initially it’s like medicine but I’ve got used to it now.”


It’s simple but not appealing. Megan Fox and Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie both admit to guzzling vinegar to keep in peak condition .

Cindy Crawford too sips vinegar to curb her appetite before heading out to dinner.

“It’s just water and raw apple cider vinegar, and it cleans out your system,” Megan Fox explains.

Fergie believes shots of vinegar flush out the fat in her colon, aiding digestion.

“I do vinegar shots,” she says. “It has to be organic apple cider vinegar, unfiltered. Two tablespoons. For some reason I’ve noticed a difference to my stomach.”

W is for…

Catherine Zeta Jones (Pic:Getty)Catherine Zeta Jones (Pic:Getty)


It’s easy to follow, affordable and still popular with celebrities. Catherine Zeta-Jones is a fan, as are Coleen Rooney, Claire Sweeney, and Patsy Kensit .

All foods are given a WeightWatchers’ points value based on their calorie and saturated-fat content. You can eat any foods you like as long as you don’t go over your daily points allowance (which is based on your age, weight and activity levels). Support and encouragement comes from weekly group meetings, where members are weighed.

WeightWatchers membership is available free on the NHS for some people who are clinically obese.

X is for…

X Factor

Not the TV show. We’re talking Syndrome X, which is a form of insulin resistance where sugar levels are raised. It’s a pre-diabetic state and is linked to obesity and longterm health problems.

The biggest indicator that you’re suffering from Syndrome X is a muffin top or beer belly – as the roll of fat is believed to directly affect the liver and pancreas underneath.

The cause is sugar in our diet, something the slimmest celebrities avoid like the plague.

In training for her world tour, Britney Spears shed a stone by curbing her sweet tooth. “I have no sugar,” she says.

Katie Holmes, Julia Roberts and Beyonce Knowles are believed to all have a sweet tooth, but keep a close eye on their sugar intake. Cut out sugar – in sweets, desserts, fizzy drinks and processed foods .

Y is for…

Youthful It’s no good being slim if you age a decade in the process. Stars are quick to fight the ageing process by eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids or taking fish oil supplements, which also helps them stay trim.

Supermodel Elle Macpherson includes fish oil in her daily organic diet. Gwyneth Paltrow follows a diet rich in fish – avoiding meat – and Penny Lancaster is a fan of grilled fish.

Mel B aims for a balanced diet with 30% fish or chicken, 40% wholewheat and vegetables and 30% good fats such as oily fish. This is a fantastic source of omega-3 fats which plumps out the skin, minimising wrinkles and improving complexion. These essential fats also improve the body’s ability to break down fat, helping you shift those pounds.

“We still don’t eat enough fish every week,” says Nigel Denby. “We should all be eating two portions of fish per week, one of which should be oily: tuna, mackerel, salmon, herring, trout or sardines. Fish can be fresh, canned or frozen.”

Z is for…


Take a leaf out of Penelope Cruz’ book if you want to keep in shape – she needs a good night’s sleep, even as much as 15 hours a night!

Sadly none of us ordinary folk with, like, jobs can do that but get as much kip as you can .

Irregular sleep is believed to set the metabolic functions off-kilter, which can lead to obesity, diabetes, hypertension and vascular problems.

Research from the University of Chicago shows people who survived on four hours’ sleep for just two nights had imbalances in the hormones leptin and ghrelin, which control appetite and hunger.

For the best night’s sleep you should aim to get seven to eight hours of undisturbed zzzzzzs. So get your head down and dream of the slimmer you.

Good luck!

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  1. Reply

    Will My Fat Loss Regiment (cutting) Be Successful? Any Tips? I’m male, 22 years old, 5’10”, 235lbs, and have 25% body fat. I have a decent amount of muscle and strength, but as you can tell, I desperately need to cut the fat.

    So I’ve used 3 BMI calculators and averaged their results to conclude that I need around 2700 calories a day. I eat healthy while keeping my calories around 2000 a day with a low fat high protein diet. I also lift heavy 3 nonconsecutive days a week as well as burn 800 calories 3 other nonconsecutive days a week with cardio. On the days I lift, I go well after I’ve eaten breakfast, but the cardio is always done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Will I retain the majority of my muscle mass while shedding fat? How soon can I expect to see any results?


    1. Reply

      The only problem I see with your plan is eating low fat. Your body NEEDS good, healthy fat in order to lose fat. You should be eating at least 20-25% fat. Dietary fat is very slow burning in the body so when you eat too little fat, you tend to feel less energetic, risk burning muscle tissue, and wreak havoc on your metabolism and hormones because your energy levels (blood sugar) are like a roller coaster.

      Dietary fats supply some of the best, and most stable sources of energy. So if you want to feel good all day long, you need to make sure you are getting enough fats, and the right types.

      The human body needs fat just to function properly, let alone optimal health. Certain amounts of fat are necessary for proper hormone production. If hormone production is off so will your metabolism be. Hormones regulate many things in the body including your ability to build and maintain muscle tissue, which is responsible for a large portion of your energy expenditure. In simple terms, muscle burns calories 24 hours a day and if you eat a low fat or no fat diet you will have a hard time building and maintaining muscle.

      If you have doubts or questions please do some research and you will be amazed at what you will find out. In the meantime, go eat some healthy fats!

      Some sources of healthy fats include vegetable/olive oils, nuts, seeds, olives, and avocado, fish, and other seafood.

      If you have a salad, chop up some avocado and add that on top. Cook your chicken or fish in olive oil. Add a serving of nuts to your diet every day.

  2. Reply

    Healthy Weight Loss Tips ? I’m 157 cm {5’2} and weigh about 67 kg {148 lbs}, and 17 years old. I already eat healthy being a vegan, but should I lower my calorie intake and how many hours of exercising should I do weekly and so forth to reach my goal weight of 52 kg ? All tips and help are appreciated.

    1. Reply

      To burn fat you need to decrease calories consumed, increase calories burned, or ideally do both…

      Make sure your calorie intake doesn’t go below 1200/day (and if you are quite active, it should be substantially higher)…I shoot for at least 1 hr of exercise at least 5 days a week when I’m in weight loss mode, then adjust that for maintenance (shorter workouts or fewer workouts a week)…

      Drink plenty of water to help curb hunger, keep you hydrated, and to flush the excess fluid and toxins from your body…you might see a drop in pounds from losing excess water weight, just from doing that…

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