One out of two parents do not see their child’s weight problem

One out of two parents of children with overweight feel that their child’s weight is normal. Four out of ten parents of children with overweight or obesity are even worried that their child will get too thin. These are the findings of a European study of parents of more than 16,000 children, including 1,800 children from Sweden.

The research is a part of a European study that comprises a total of 16,220 children in the ages 2-9, of which 1,800 live in Partille, Alingsås and Mölndal in Sweden.

Estimates of the weight status

In Susann Regber’s dissertation, the parents were asked to estimate their child’s weight status and health, and to describe their own worries about their child’s becoming overweight or underweight. The parents’ perceptions were then compared with the children’s actual measurements.

Worries about underweight

Among other findings, the studies show that:

• Around 40 per cent of parents of children with both overweight and obesity are worried that the child will become underweight. Among parents of children who are already underweight, the proportion that are worried about it is 33 per cent.

• One out of two parents of a child with overweight in Central and Northern Europe perceived their child’s weight as normal. In Southern Europe, the same figure was 75 per cent.

Major significance

“How parents perceive their child’s weight status is of major significance to being able to promote a healthy weight development. Our studies show that the parents’ insight into obesity in their children indeed grows in pace with the child’s age and higher BMI in the child, but also that a weight development at preschool age can go from overweight to obesity without necessary lifestyle changes being made,” says Susann Regber, who is presenting the findings in her dissertation:

“Many parents simply do not see the increase in growth, and are dependent on objective information from, for instance, child welfare centers and school health care to act.” A simple measure may be to introduce a routine in pediatric and school health care to always show the child’s BMI curve to the parents.

Many obstacles to healthy habits

As a part of the studies, the researchers arranged group discussions with children and parents. In the talks, the parents emphasized that there are many obstacles to being able to maintain healthy eating habits: long working days, financial limitations, and the constant availability and marketing of unhealthy food and drinks.

Another problem that was brought up was that other family members, like spouses and grandparents, broke the rules set up in the home.

“But the parents also emphasized examples that promoted good eating habits, like children being served good, healthy food at day-care and in school,” says Susann Regber.

The findings in this dissertation are based on the European

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    • Ryan Watson
    • March 13, 2014
    • Ian Mcstruthers
    • March 13, 2014

    What is the point of this video? even if this is how these two guys eat,
    this is completely irrelevant to 99% of their viewers who arent pumped with
    anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, insulin, etc…

    • Austin B
    • March 13, 2014

    Hey, who’s that on the right? Oh, wait, it’s Mr. Small Legs AKA, skinny

    • Eamon Ferguson
    • March 13, 2014

    For those who may wonder why you space your protein meals through out the
    day instead of eating 200g of protein in 2-3 meals, your body only actually
    absorbs around 25g of protein per meal so your not absorbing half the
    protein if you take 50g per serving shake, drink it slow over the course of
    an hour after training,

    • Kody N
    • March 14, 2014

    Dude, egg whites is not the most bio available protein source.. its Whey 

    • Keith Thielemann
    • March 14, 2014

    And what meal do you take your steroid shot?

    • Michael Salazar
    • March 14, 2014

    Yea guys if your not on steroids do not eat as much as theseguys! Srsly,
    you will turn into a fatass. If ur natty eat half as much.

    • saminnyc
    • March 14, 2014

    Thumbs up for Rob’s “Blue Steel” look at the beginning of the video

    • MyBloodraven
    • March 14, 2014

    wait, you forgot to tell us what steroid you guys use D:

    • GuyInArmor
    • March 14, 2014

    What exercises to get that sickening lisp on the guy in blue?

    • Jerome Simon
    • March 14, 2014

    The amount protein and carbs depends on what body weight u r at and what
    weight you are targeting for. This is just a guideline, don’t have to judge
    them too much people

    • Thomas Nuttall
    • March 14, 2014

    Its quite obvious this isn’t all these guys consume or “feed their bodies”.
    So Ryan, why don’t you upload a video of what you guys take to look how you
    do? Shame there’s quite the stigma around the denial around what
    bodybuilders actually take. Thanks for the advice on diet, some useful info
    still, but C’MON! Lets here what your REALLY taking!

    • Matthew Gallivan
    • March 14, 2014

    Why does everyone keep on about why they don’t show there steriod cycle? We
    all know they are on roids bodybuilders don’t hide that fact they just
    don’t talk about it

    • mikestoneadfjgs
    • March 14, 2014

    There are a lot of myths out there saying you HAVE to do this or youll get
    nowhere. But the point is that its much simpler than that, there is no Be
    All End All. If your trying to gain mass, you dont necessarily have to eat
    7 meals a day, i personally gained about 50 pounds in 10 months on a 6’2
    frame using intermittent fasting where i didnt eat for 16 hours but
    consumed 4000 calories in a 8 hour window that was post session. But if
    you want to eat 7 meals a day that works too. All you have to do is eat and
    lift, provided you eat enough and workout with intensity. You have to
    research and experiment with your own body and it takes time.

    • James Highton
    • March 14, 2014

    BRO Science, at it’s best!

    • NoShadowOfDoubt1
    • March 14, 2014

    if you can write the name(s) of your Steroid(s) supplement(s) in
    description. thank you.

    • Kamen Slaveev
    • March 14, 2014


    • Leo Mumford
    • March 14, 2014

    … I will eat this much food… Don’t call the 911’s

    • Ricky Lopez
    • March 14, 2014

    at 8:40 did this guy really advise people to cycle foods to keep the
    metabolism “stoked” up?? Like, how does your metabolism get “stoked?” lol

    • dan S.
    • March 14, 2014

    I only agree with them on the carb intake and how its good because it aids
    in muscle recovery n’ shit.

    • Laugh A lot
    • March 14, 2014

    LMAO!!!!I thought i was watching Jersey Shore at the beginning.. lol I’m in
    tears i can’t take these guys seriously.. plus they are juicing, I’m not,
    but I’m not against it either.. best of luck guys..

    • TheOlzee
    • March 14, 2014

    wait…. you mean if i eat and train like these guys i’ll have the muscles
    they have too? wow this is awesome. Because silly old me thought i needed
    to pump steroids up my ass to look like this but, no, according to these
    two geniuses i only like to eat and train like a freak. best video on

    • TeNoR
    • March 14, 2014

    I’m watching this again. Next time with pen and paper. 

    • March 14, 2014

    i don’t like either one of your faces….

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