Staying Healthy In 2014: Tips From Food And Fitness Experts In Cambridge

Cambridge nutritionist Amanda Ryder.

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GONE are the days of the corset diet and the cotton ball diet where people were reportedly dipping cottons balls in fruit juice and swallowing them to feel full.

For the start of the new year, we asked a slimming consultant, a nutritionist and a fitness trainer their tips for getting in shape in 2014.

Amanda Ryder, Cambridge nutritionist – Top five (well, six) tips for staying healthy in 2014

1. Eat breakfast Ensure you have a substantial breakfast which includes some protein and fat, and aim to eat it within an hour of getting up.

This will help your body to maintain balanced blood sugar levels and thats key in order to reduce your cravings.

And do yourself a big favour and skip the fruit juice – it plays havoc with your blood sugar levels.

2. Get active Find an activity that you enjoy and actually look forward to, such as cycling, dancing, running or yoga and do it twice a week.

Current research suggests sitting for long periods can increase the risk of heart disease, weight gain and diabetes, so if youre office based ensure you get up several times a day and take a walk.

3. Protein Include some with all meals and snacks: think eggs, chicken, fish, pulses, nuts and seeds, approximately the size of your palm.

This will slow down the insulin response and help keep your weight stable.

4. Get into green tea – Replace some of your tea and coffee with green tea. It is rich in polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant that will not only help to keep you healthy this winter but may also slow down the ageing process as may encourage faster metabolism.

Start with two cups a day and experiment by adding fresh mint and a slice of lemon.

5. Cut back on carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, biscuits – and ensure you load your plate up with healthy seasonal vegetables instead.

Make them interesting by stir-frying, sauting, baking in the oven, adding garlic and chilli – whatever works for you.

6. One final tip… Include mushrooms in your diet. They contain powerful compounds called beta glucans which have long been studied for their immune enhancing properties.

Sandra Lackenby, Cambridgeshire Slimming World consultant Top five diet tips for 2014

1. Ditch the guilt Dont let your slimming past hold you back, cut loose from destructive self-doubt and free your mind for success.

2. Eat yourself slim Fill up on fabulous filling foods such as potatoes, pasta, meat, poultry and glorious vegetables.

With Slimming Worlds Food Optimising Extra Easy plan, there are no banned foods and loads of unlimited free foods to fill up on whenever your hungry.

3. Work towards a healthier you Remind yourself of all the great health reasons there are to lose weight.

These include having more energy, easier breathing, better sleep, reduced risk of cancers, more stamina, lower risk of heart disease and of type two diabetes.

4. Slim more in your 24 Max your slimming power all day, every day.

Breeze through breakfast and set yourself up for the day ahead. Enjoy a healthy full English with grilled back bacon with all visible fat removed, or if youre in a hurry, grab some cereal and fruit.

Lunchtime can be a great time to get fit. It doesnt have to involve lycra, take a brisk walk with a colleague, squeeze in a swim or do a session on the Wii in your living room.

Afternoon slumps often leads to cravings for a sugary treat. Reach for something like a fat free toffee yogurt and a banana, or try a new pick-me-up habit such as a big mug of fruit tea.

Take control of tea time by planning ahead and keeping your fridge stocked with dive-right-in foods to protect you from eating high calorie foods.

If youre a nocturnal nibbler then snack smarter. Enjoy sofa nibbles such as cold lean meats. Even a glass of wine is fine, just keep an eye on those goldfish bowl-sized ones.

5. Join your local Slimming World group! Search for your nearest group by inputting your postcode at slimmingworld.com.

Garry Kerr, head of training and operations at British Military Fitness, which runs fitness classes at Coldhams Common in Cambridge Top five tips on getting fit in the New Year

1. Keep a fitness journal A workout log can help keep your exercise routine on track when youre struggling to stay motivated.

2. Commit yourself There is no time like the start of a New Year. Why not write all the classes you can attend in your diary so they are viewed as actual appointments and youre less likely to cancel. 3. Use visualisation If you dont believe that you can do those final reps, you certainly wont be able to, but by picturing yourself doing it before you try, youll create a mental template that can translate into success.

4. Eating right Food is 90% of the health and fitness battle. You can make great changes just through making small adjustments to your eating habits alone. By eating a regular mix of proteins, fats and carbohydrates you will reap the benefits of your physical training routine.

5. Be realistic Rome wasnt built in a day. Unfortunately, while over-used, there is some truth in that saying. A healthy approach is to aim to improve on yesterday. By repeating this process you will start to feel like you have made great improvements over a course of weeks, months and years.

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    Any Fitness Tips For People With Asthma? Just need some fitness tips to help with my asthma. I want to be able to run for a longer period and have an overall better fitness level. I start losing my breath after about 1 minute of running. Any ideas and tips would be very much appreciated : )

    1. Reply

      First, you have to choose a certain kind of exercise that they really can handle well. Some exercise that might be great choice for asthma sufferers are walking, swimming, riding a bike, as well as hiking. These kinds of exercise needs less physical move than tennis, hockey, gymnastics, long distance running, and many other else. You could also consult their doctors to choose the most appropriate type of exercise for you.

      Second, you can take advantage of your inhaler. You can use your inhaler about 15 minutes before you start to exercise. Besides, makes sure that your inhaler is always close enough to you. You will never know when the attack might hit you. Therefore, providing inhaler as first aid near you is very important.

      Third, breathing through your nose during the exercise is also important. Mouth breathing tends to trigger asthma attack since it causes you to inhale cold air right into the bronchial tube. In contrary, the air that you heal will be filtered well when you are breathing through your nose. Besides, nose breathing also allows the air to be warmer before reaching the lungs.

      The fourth thing you need to do is looking for a certain area that free from pollutions and allergens. However you should also avoid area with too many trees or grass. Then, you should also be aware of the symptoms of asthma that occur during the exercise. If you feel very tired and your chest begins to be tightening, you should be notice that those are the initial symptoms of asthma. Usually, those symptoms will be followed by wheezing. Stop doing any physical activity when these symptoms occur.

      By following those tips, asthma sufferers could still have exercise with less risk of asthma attack. Do not let asthma attack prevent you to have regular exercise activity.

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    How Can I Increase My Metabolic Rate? Which exercise/fitness tips can you give me to increase my metabolic rate? Also if you can explain the science behind it, I would appreciate it.

    1. Reply

      -Eat breakfast. You metabolism is slow in the morning becasue you have been fasting all night. Eating breakfast revs it up.
      -Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. Same principal, when you go to long without eating your metabolism slows. Eat something at least every 3 hours.
      -Build muscle through resistance training. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate because muscle is active tissue and burns calories even at rest.
      -Drink lots and lots of water. Being sufficiently hydrated makes you body carry out its metabolic processes more effiecintly.

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