Tayag To Grace Health Caravan In City

DEPARTMENT of Health Assistant Secretary Enrique Tayag will grace the kick-off of Baguio Day celebrations on August 31 with a dance number to promote healthy lifestyle among city residents.

Tayag, DOH’s ambassador for health lifestyle, will lead the Go for Health initiative a healthy lifestyle movement to prevent non-communicable diseases through physical activity, healthy diet, responsible drinking and no smoking in the opening ceremonies of the Baguio Day celebrations.

The health official who has performed popular dance hits Gangnam Style, Gentleman and Waka-Waka as a healthy lifestyle advocate will share inputs on healthy lifestyle advocacies and the departments aims for Kalusugang Pangkalahatan or universal healthcare.

Meanwhile, as National Breastfeeding Awareness month comes to a close, the Department of Health has reiterated the importance of safe motherhood, child health and nutrition, and family health.

The DOHs Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan: Kalusugan Pangkalahatan on Wheels health caravan will head to the city to take part in a health care and medical mission set on August 31 in time for the citys 104th Charter Day.

Medical practitioners, civic and other sector volunteers are all set for the humanitarian mission to be held at the Baguio City Hall grounds.

The event will feature simultaneous breastfeeding by some 300 lactating mothers to stress the fact that no infant formula can approximate the nourishment and immunity from diseases that babies derive from breast milk.

Sessions will be conducted on teenage pregnancy and adolescent reproductive health.

Also to be highlighted in the event is a contest and tableau dramatizing the negative effects of smoking in line with the citys campaign towards a 100% smoke-free Baguio City.

Baguio City health officer Dr. Florence Reyes said the main beneficiaries of the event will be the poorest of the poor, including mothers, children and senior citizens. Reyes expects as many as 5,000 residents to benefit from the health services planned for the day.

We are expecting that the event will boost the morale of the health services sector and show that we are working on preventive medicine and not just curative health services, Reyes said.

The LBK-KP will render basic health services and provide a health clinic, an interactive exhibit, classes and educational fun games in between.

The innovative public health initiative of the Department of Healths National Center for Health Promotion is expected to add to the festive atmosphere in line with a variety of events organized by the Baguio Health Department.

The mobile health caravan aims to provide a fun and interactive way for mothers, fathers, and children to learn to stay healthy. Health services and consultation on prenatal care and child nutrition will also be provided.

The health caravan will have mothers and fathers listening to critical information on health practices, and children participating in songs, stories and interactive exhibits to learn how to live and lead a healthy lifestyle. Video presentations, health classes, storytelling sessions, and entertainment shows will be held to complement the health services delivery.

Victory Liner, which is also the provider of DOHs LBK-KP bus, committed P500,000 worth of medicines and health care packages, including 300 health kits for pregnant women, for the event.

The LBK-KP was first launched in March 2011 in Capas, Tarlac servicing more than 1,000 Aetas, mostly children and women on safe motherhood, child health and nutrition, and family health. Replete with a colorful fiesta setting, the program which featured a customized bus has since then served thousands of indigent families and communities in other areas in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

LBK has travelled to 26 areas in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao directly serving over 50,000 people. In addition, over 3,700 pregnant women and nearly 15,000 children received prenatal and child care services on the bus.

“Walang Iwanan sa Biyaheng Kalusugan. This gives the audience the feeling that they are not just passengers but also drivers of this journey. Long after the LBK bus has left their community, they continue to safeguard their health and that of their family,” Dr. Tayag said.

Partners include Victory Liner, PhilHealth, Probe Media Foundation, Philippine Press Institute, Dakila, Ellite Ads, Association of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates and HealthBeat Magazine.

Published in the Sun.Star Baguio newspaper on August 30, 2013.

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  1. Reply

    Why Is A Healthy Lifestyle Important In School? I need some ideas about Why a healthy lifestyle is important in school. I have to have an answer in less than 1000 words. Applying for college scholarship. Thanks in advance!

      • HealthNut
      • August 29, 2013

      You need a healthy lifestyle in school to concentrate on your studies. You need to be able to focus for one thing. You also need to plenty of rest, and a good diet.

  2. Reply

    How The Computer Is Supporting Us In Our Healthy Lifestyle? How do computer helps people in their healthy lifestyle? How can The computer help people? Is it from websites? advertisements? I need it really badly. How can the computer is supporting to improve our healthy lifestyle. in what ways? How can computer promote the quality of healthy lifestyle. How can computer convince people to stop unnecessary things like drugs or alcohol? How can computer HELP us?
    AT least 6-8 points would do. thank you.

      • HealthNut
      • August 29, 2013

      The computer is not a healthy lifestyle for people. It programs us to thinking we can find everything on here. Jobs, pay bills, shop, everything! We can do that ourselves and it seems technology is taking the chores away from us, that can be easily done by human themself. The computer can help us though when we need to find information, imformation fast. Websites help us retain information, advertisements are just like commericals there just trying to sell or maniupulate us to buy whatever their advertising. The computer is not improving our healthy lifestyle. Peoples eyes can go out of sight and hurt very badly(like mine and i’m only 15 years old.) from years and years staring at the computer. The worst thing to stare at is a computer screen — I don’t know why I still do it for hours at end, but I do. The computer will never promote the quality of healthy lifestyle, its just not possible. The computer can convince people to stop drugs and alcohol but if you think about it would you rather have an obsession over the computer for hours at the day, you have to be near the computer you have to be on it then doing drugs or alcohol? The computer is just as bad addiction as alcohol and drugs. The computer cannot HELP us other then give us fast information when we need it. The computer although has so much information and so many untrusted sites you never know if what your reading is a lie. And I hope I get 10 points because I just wasted my time answering this long question, I hope you weren’t just asking this for the heck of this — I hope it was for some essay lol.

      Take care bye

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    How Can I Keep Up My Healthy Lifestyle Over Easter? I have been trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, build fitness and lose a little fat. But I am surrounded by Easter treats, mum has been baking loads, have Easter eggs from family and my bf wants to get me an Easter egg too. Don’t get me wrong, I love how sweet everyone is being, but all of this will just make me I’ll. What should I do?

      • HealthNut
      • August 29, 2013

      If you’d like me to be honest, I think that the healthiest lifestyles include enjoying things. So every now and then, let go of the fact that “something will make me fat” and enjoy it. I think that often as people we give up a large part of living just to stay skinny. I used to be that way, and as much as I told myself it was worth it, it really wasn’t. Enjoy it, and don’t go on a guilt trip over it.

      That being said, there are several things you can do to avoid extra treats. Stay away from the kitchen as much as possible, as well as where things are being served. When you get things, get just a small bit. I’ve noticed that with a lot of sweetbreads and cakes and such, a very thin slice takes just as long to eat as a thick one and is usually just as satisfying. If not, you can even get a second (which, sliced thinly enough, is still smaller than the thick slices would be). Another trick I’ve learned is “sharing”–if it is a roll or whatever, just eat half of it and “share” the other half with someone else (maybe someone else who either just wants half, or someone who wants more than one).

      Enjoy Easter!

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    What Would You Say A Healthy Lifestyle Is? Hey 🙂 I’ve got some coursework that needs doing and I need to do some primary reasearch and I was just wondering if you would leave me some answers below on what you think a healthy lifestyle is personally. And what you think you have to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I need loads of answers so I hope you dont mind helping me 🙂 Thankyouu

      • HealthNut
      • August 29, 2013

      Healthy lifestyle…involves eating right, exercing, and relationships you have with others. Also if you live in a clean environment…messy=germs=sickness…and to maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to frequenlty eat right, do some sort of physical activity, be nice to others (stress is bad for health), and keep a clean home

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    How To Keep A Healthy Lifestyle Up At School? I’ve recently started exercising and eating healthily, in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, as well as lose weight. I go back to school in September, and I’ve been doing absolutely brilliantly so far. However, I’m definitely a stress eater, and especially with lots of exams coming up this and next year, I’m gonna be more stressed than ever. I don’t want to lose my progress or put all the weight back on. As well as this, I’m worried I won’t have time to work out as I’ll be tired from school in the daytime, so it could get difficult. Does anyone have any tips that could help me maintain what I’m doing for when I go back to school?

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