Lap-band Vip Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Hooman Shabatian Offers Tips For Weight Loss Surgery Patients For Traveling

After LAP-BAND surgery, a new diet and exercise program is crucial for successful weight loss. When temptation arises, its especially important to be prepared, said LAP-BAND VIP Dr. Hooman Shabatian. Planning ahead for mealtimes can ensure continued weight loss or maintenance while on vacation, both for those who have had weight loss surgery or for anyone who wants to shed excess pounds.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 04, 2012

The weight loss journey after LAP-BAND surgery[1] doesnt take days off, even during vacation. While it may be easy to give into cravings at an open bar on a cruise ship or a quick fast food meal at the airport, following a LAP-BAND surgeons instructions is important while traveling in order to maintain weight loss.

Just like with any other day, its important to plan meals in advance and be prepared during vacation and not make excuses or give into temptation, said Los Angeles LAP-BAND VIP surgeon Dr. Hooman Shabatian. Even while traveling through airports, staying at hotels or going on a cruise, its still possible to stick to your diet plan.

The LAP-BAND AP System surgical procedure is intended for adults who weigh approximately 100 pounds or more over their ideal body weight and only after other methods of weight loss such as diet and exercise fail. While losing weight is the main goal, obesity-related illnesses often improve after the operation, as well. The LAP-BAND device, manufactured by Allergan[2], is an inflatable silicone ring placed around the upper part of the stomach in order to create a small pouch that constricts food intake. With the supervision of a bariatric surgeon and a nutritionist, patients can expect to lose about one to two pounds per week while following a strict diet and exercise program.

Unaffiliated with LAP-BAND VIP, Sandi Henderson is a LAP-BAND patient who co-manages the website Banded Living.com[3] with fellow LAP-BAND patient Gloria Samuels. The website is a community for patients, by patients, which seeks to educate, advocate and support people with the LAP-BAND. The website contains information on surgery research, preparation, recovery, transformation and weight maintenance.

Before she had LAP-BAND surgery, Henderson weighed over 400 pounds and suffered from arthritis, sleep apnea, reflux, asthma and hypertension. In 2004, at 55 years old, Henderson took what she said was a life-changing step to get LAP-BAND surgery. She lost 250 pounds within 28 months, went off her medications and has had the ability to move freely since her surgery. She has maintained her weight at 175 pounds over seven years later.

While she said she still faces triggers to overeat, Henderson makes sure to always have a plan. Although its easy to make the excuse the LAP-BAND is on vacation with me, she said, she comes prepared for mealtimes and includes snacks with her carry-on luggage while traveling. Some of the things she has brought with her on vacation include utensils, empty foldable cold bags, paper plates, salt and pepper, a personal mug and a shaker bottle with protein powder. That way, she said, she wont be able to justify eating the wrong foods.

I never leave home for travel without bringing snacks and water and protein powder with me so that I have no excuse for being starving and having to have just one [snack,] Henderson wrote. That doesnt mean I never grab a cookie here or a pretzel there, or a glass of wine with dinner. I am a human being. I do not expect perfection 100% of the time and I am gentle to myself and treat myself kindly.

LAP-BAND VIP[4] Nutritionist Desiree Nazarian recommends patients take healthy snacks while traveling, such as 100 calorie portions of almonds, protein or Fiber One bars. For eating out at restaurants, Nazarian recommends looking up the restaurants nutrition facts online, when available, to be able to make a healthy choice.

While on vacation it is easy to give into temptations and to think its OK to splurge, especially with alcohol which is very high in calories and can cause poor judgment in food choices, said Nazarian, adding that a blended cocktail can contain more than 500 calories in a 12 ounce glass.

For meal ideas during vacation, visit eHows article Easy Meals to Cook While on Vacation at http://www.ehow.com/way_5508848_easy-meals-cook-vacation.html[5].

Dr. Hooman Shabatian obtained his medical degree from Chicago Medical School and started his surgical career with an internship at Cornell University associated with Lincoln Medical Center in New York. Dr. Shabatian performed his first LAP-BAND procedure in 2002 under the supervision of LAP-BAND pioneer Dr. Shayani at the Loyola University Medical School. Dr. Shabatian is a Board-Certified Surgeon and a member of the American College of Surgeons.


LAP-BAND VIP has a dedicated surgical and medical staff with extensive training and expertise perfected through years of practice. Our staff provides unparalleled, personalized service for all individuals in their weight loss journey. To learn more about LAP-BAND VIP and to schedule your free consultation, visit http://www.lapbandvip.com[6] or call (800) 561-9000.

Public Relations Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute 1-818-343-1569 Email Information[7]


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  1. Reply

    I Am A Teenager What Are Some Weight Loss Tips And Ways To Appear Thinner? I am a teenager and I need help so please help me… I’m desperate. I want a higher self esteem.
    Please, can someone give me some weight loss tips like high calorie burning excersices, health food, some sort of plan and also tips to appear thinner. Thanks!

      • HealthNut
      • October 7, 2012

      Some easy weight loss tips :

      Eliminate Eating Junk Food.
      Drink a Lot of Water
      Reduce the Size of Your Portions
      Lower Your Calorie Consumption Without Deprivation
      You Want to Start Exercising Regularly
      Sleep Well- Practice a Good Night Sleep

  2. Reply

    What Are Some Good Tips For Summer Weight Loss? I’m hoping to lose weight for next summer, and I’m looking for some good weight loss tips.

      • HealthNut
      • October 7, 2012

      After reading a lot of weight loss tips, I’ve caught myself saying “I’m not going to be able to do that!” I’m sure that we all have. A good summer weight loss tip is going to have to be something that you’d actually do, obviously. Keeping that mind, I hope that you’ll find the following weight loss tips helpful to you. Over the years they have helped me maintain my current weight, and they’ve also helped me lose weight as well. These are some of the easiest and most effective weight loss tips I’ve found.

      At first, when I started trying to lose weight, I went along with the traditional attitude that eating snacks in-between meals was counter-productive to an effective weight loss program. I cut out snacks from my diet altogether as a result of that belief. I found that the problem was that by the time I sat down to start eating my meal, I was so hungry that I couldn’t control my portion sizes efficiently.

      I found that I can keep my blood sugar at a decent level (and keep my appetite satisfied too) by eating more healthy and sensible snacks in between smaller meals. In fact, over the more recent years, research has shown that you can keep your body’s metabolic rate productive and steady by eating smaller meals spaced out throughout the day rather than the traditional “3 square meals” ideology. You can mix your carbs and proteins when selecting your snacks. Low-fat cheese on some wheat crackers and some grapes would be a great example of a healthy snack.

      Portion control can be better managed, and if not, it will become a large stumbling block. You can purchase smaller, single serving foods, and use plastic bags to enforce portion sizes. You can always use regular sized foods, but use small plastic bags to separate out smaller portions in case buying single-sized foods turns out to be too much of a strain on your budget. That’s a great weight loss tip, since sometimes eating straight from the original packaging will cause you to eat more than you should.

      The calories in the food will count just as much, even if the food is advertised as either low-fat or reduced in fat. Be sure to double-check your serving size by reading the food’s nutrition label. After measuring out the appropriate serving sizes, you can then store them in your plastic bags.

      Another one of the greatest weight loss tips is ice water! Place a small bottle of water in your freezer. This is a great idea to keep your water cold, and most weight loss programs recommend drinking water anyway. After some time, the water will form a small block of ice inside the bottle as it begins to freeze. That small block of ice will continue to keep the surrounding water very cold as it melts.

      Sometimes it’s boring to just drink plain water. Just for the sake of variety, you can keep low-calorie flavored waters in the refrigerator as well. Request an ice water with extra lemon slices in it when you’re dining out. Then, just add some artificial sweeteners and you’ve made diet lemonade to enjoy!

      Most of the time, the regular versions of foods that you’re used to taste a lot better than their reduced fat and low-fat equivalents. However don’t be discouraged, and continue to try the low-fat and non-fat alternatives of your favorite foods. You might be surprised to find a low-fat version of your favorite food, and there’s a chance that you’ll like it more than the original.

      You also might want to consider that there could be some places in your home that you associate with eating. You might stop and look for a snack while lingering around the kitchen – instead, leave the kitchen after eating. You might be tempted into eating a dessert if you sit longer at the dinner table after you’ve finished your meal. Instead, as soon as you’re finished eating, try getting up and going for a walk. You’ll enjoy the extra exercise, plus it will help get your mind off of eating, food, and snacks. You might need to change where you do things to stay away from these “problem areas” if you have a hard time fighting the temptation of food.

      You can help yourself lose weight by breaking the habit of using food as a comfort and as a stress-reliever. You could listen to music, read a book, go for a walk or jog, or just do some exercise. The point is that each different activity you select can be a viable alternative to eating when you need to relieve stress.

      Schedules can become hectic and full very fast. Squeezing weight loss programs in your already busy life can be a very difficult task. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time in one place, but it’s recommended to try and get at least 30 minutes of good physical activity each day. You can try to break your 30 minute block of time into smaller 10 or 15 minute blocks. You’ll be able to get some much needed exercise by spreading the smaller blocks of time throughout your evening and day.

      Exercise is cumulative, and keep in mind too that getting more and more physical activity can help you burn off calories

  3. Reply

    What Websites Have Good Weight Loss Tips? Does anyone know of any websites that have helpful (and free!!) weight loss tips?

      • HealthNut
      • October 7, 2012

      Try this AWESOME diet program — “Spark People”. It’s a FREE website (www.sparkpeople.com) that actually works!! It’s SOOO helpful in losing weight, finding exercises, and tracking your progress! It is run by nutritionists, and it encourages a healthy/balanced diet (no fads!). You can track food eaten, read articles about nutrition, exercise, and motivation, talk to experts, receive motivation from other dieters, look up exercises that will work for you, and SO much more! I belong to it and LOVE it!!!! Please check it out – you won’t be disappointed!!!!

      If you join, please state that I (matcm81) referred you. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!!

  4. Reply

    I Am 5foot 11 Inches Tall And Weight 230lb. Can Any Body Give Me Some Weight Loss Tips Or Diets? Hi. I am a 15 year old kid, who is 5’11, 230lb. And I need some weight loss tips before school starts. I work out alot. I play high school football, and competitive baseball in the summer. During football I lose all of my weight, but after that I gain all of my weight for baseball season. Please HELP!!! What can I do?

      • HealthNut
      • October 7, 2012

      No fats , no sugars and no junk food plus all the exercise you can manage ,

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