Diet Tips From Alison

“I’m a creature of habit,” says Alison Sweeney, laughing, as she orders her favorite chopped salad (with tuna and extra cucumbers) for lunchagain.

It’s a habit that’s obviously working for her because Alison, beaming in a bright white tee and hot-pink boucl blazer, looks the picture of happy health today. Not only has this host of The Biggest Loser shed the baby weight twice (she has two kidsBen, 7, and Megan, 3with her husband, Dave), but she also ran the Los Angeles Marathon in March and is training for the Malibu Triathlon this month.

Her secret for getting into enviable shape? Making positive choices every single day. 

“Each time you make a healthy choice, it’s easier to make the next one,” says Alison, who’s 35. It’s not about achieving a perfect body, she adds, but “being the best you you can be today.” Trust us: Adopt her clever ideasone a day, every day this monthand your best will look pretty darn good.

1. Eat like a kid all day today “Kids don’t eat fast. They take their time; they talk and laugh. Sometimes it’s really annoying, because you’re like, ‘Come on, it’s bedtime!’ But try it: You’ll fill up before you know it, because it takes 20 minutes for your brain to know your stomach is full.”

2. Pack your own snacks this a.m. “When I started eating healthy for my first bathing suit photo shoot [after giving birth to my daughter], I carried around a plastic bag of red and yellow bell pepper slices, cut up like carrot sticks, along with cucumbers and cantaloupe. Anytime I was hungry between meals, I’d snack on them.”

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Get the Body You Crave With Celeb-Inspired Workouts[3] _______________________________________________________

3. Wear fitted workout wear at the gym “The reason there are mirrors is because you should look at yourself, evaluate how you’re standing, and make sure you’re doing [each exercise] right! So wearing close-fitting clothes is a way to set a good mental tone of, ‘OK, I’m here to do business and I’m going to get it done.'”

4. Scrap everything that smacks of unrealistic expectations “I’m not a fan of having a supermodel on your refrigerator, because you see the picture and you’re like, ‘That’s not meand I’d have to stay away from the refrigerator to look like that.’ Which, by the way, is such a ridiculous goal anyway! Nobody is going to all of a sudden, at 40, look like an 18-year-old model. Set your goals to positive things. Instead of thinking, ‘I need to work out because I want to lose weight,’ I’m thinking, ‘I have to run a 26.2-mile race, so I have to run. Today. Now.'”

5. Include your favorite fresh herbs in your lunch salad “In any given bite, you might have a leaf of cilantro, a little mint or basil, or rosemary. It spices up your tongue and adds a kick to your salad so you don’t need a lot of dressing.”  

6. Add one move to your workout that makes you feel like a dancer “With the Pli Jump, it’s really hard going from a squat up to a jump. And the jump is so good for your calves, but you’re not really thinking about thatyou’re thinking, ‘Oh my God, I want this to end!’ But when I do it, I also feel very ballerina, like my daughter in her ballet class.”

7. Use an olive oil spray to cook dinner “If you’re going to saut something, lightly spray olive oil in the pan or on veggies before you serve them. It adds a nice flavor. We grill a lot, so I’ll use a little on my corn or my shrimp.”

Click here to check out more of Alison’s body makeover tips from Health Magazine. [4]


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    • Cwa
    • August 24, 2012

    Workout Tips? I need some workout tips to help me gain some strengh. I am 18 and planning on being a cop i just like tonight wreashled with my dad he weights about 250 and man i had a hard time . so i gonna need some tips on work out. anyone with some ideas and tips please throw them my way
    also i weigfht 150 and i am 6’2′ very tall and skinny guy!

      • HealthNut
      • August 24, 2012

      Keep it clean and simple. You need to dedicate about 4 days a week to your work out routine and about 2 hours for each work out. Each work out should start with a warm up that gets your body streched out and loosened up. This is best with cardio as that helps to build stamina (a cop needs to chase the robber). Get on the tread mill and do about a 30 min jog. Better yet, use a elipitical as this is better for your joints and helps to build “core strength” by woukingout your core muscle group.

      Next, you need to have a balanced work out that includes free weights, machines and others basics.

      Do 5 sets of 30 crunches – Bump this to 5 sets of 50 as you get better.

      Do push ups in the same # as above.

      Free weight dumb bells 5 sets of 20
      Bench press 5 sets of 10
      Use the butterfly machine and a few other machines (I forget each name)

      At the end of your workout, do another 15 mins of cardio or better yet, swiming.

      As well, you need to start eating smart. Without trying to diet, eat what you normally eat but try not to eat processed foods (hot dogs, junk foods, NO BEER).

      Good luck

    • J
    • August 24, 2012

    Workout Tips? I need some tips on how to maximize my workout. I’m 15, stand 6ft 1in, and weigh 172. I’ve got a curlbar, 60 lbs worth of weight in 10 lb ingriments, 2 15 lb dumbells, 1 35 lb dumbell, and a machine that supposedly goes up to 200 lbs to work with. What should I eat, what supplements should I drink (I’m on some whey protein that you pick up at vitamin shoppe), what execises should I do to maximize results and gain muscle and lose some weight. I’m pretty active, especially at running and weightlifting, so I’m not a beginning exerciser. I’d just like to see some better abs, bulkier biceps/triceps, a nicer back and shoulders, and most of all, a good looking chest. I really need to work on my chest and abs. It’s hard for me to get good results in those areas. So if you don’t mind, give a little help. By the way, is it okay to weightlift every week day, or should I switch between running and weightlifting daily? Been wandering about that.

      • HealthNut
      • August 24, 2012

      Alternate between running and weightlifting everyday. It’ll help your muscles and give your workout some variety. For your chest and shoulders: benchpress, benchpress, benchpress.

      Squats. Hold your arms in front of you and put your hands together. Squat down, back straight and keep your feet shoulder width apart. Start with 2 sets of 20.

      Crunches. Do 3 sets of 33 and a different kind of crunch for every set. Start by laying on the floor and propping your legs up on the mattress (cross your ankles). Do a set of 33 crunches that way. Scoot back and hold up your legs in the same position as before. Do a set of 33 that way. Now do bicycle crunches (a set of 33).

  1. Reply

    Workout Tips? Want to get abs asap, need workout tips

      • HealthNut
      • August 24, 2012

      Best video ever made for abs. Shows every ab workout and it’s quick.


  2. Reply

    What Diet/workout Tips Do You Have To Become Thinner, More Lean? I don’t want to gain muscle, I have huge thighs. I am just trying to slim down. What workout/diet tips do you reccomend?

      • HealthNut
      • August 24, 2012

      Aerobics + diet.

    • XP
    • August 24, 2012

    Can I Have Some Good Workout Tips? Hey could I get some good workout tips. I’m medium built but i want to be lean and fit. I also want to tone and shape my legs a lot. Please tell me if you have any good tips!

      • HealthNut
      • August 24, 2012

      Yes,visit the following sites for fitness.You may not need a full-fledged diet right now, but you can still incorporate some slim-down strategies into your daily life.

      Eat breakfast. Studies show that eating breakfast is associated with keeping weight off once you’ve lost it.

      Fill up on low-cal foods. Start every meal with the items on your plate that are lowest in calories. By the time you get to the other foods, you won’t be so hungry, possibly decreasing your total intake.

      Begin with soup. Starting lunch or dinner with a broth-based, vegetable-filled soup will curb hunger so you’ll be less tempted to eat higher-calorie foods.

      Arrive fashionably late. Without as much time near the buffet table at parties, you’ll eat less.

      Divide your lunch. Afternoon snacker? Cut your lunch in half: have part at mealtime and the other half later in the afternoon.

      Swap mustard for mayo. A tablespoon of mayonnaise has 100 calories, compared with 10 calories for a tablespoon of yellow mustard.

      Duration of Exercise
      You may not be exercising long enough. The rule of thumb is cardio for 30 minutes, three times per week. If you really want to reach your goal, try five 45-minute cardio workouts per week. That sounds like a lot of exercise, but remember this is in order to meet your goal, not necessarily maintain it.

  3. Reply

    Can You Guys Suggest Me Some Workout Tips? I dont want bulky. Just a skinny type. With chest, arms and abs. Please suggest some diet tips and workout as well. I am 20 years old 66 kg hight 5ft 6inch.

  4. Reply

    What Are Some Good Teen Workout Tips? I live in a small town with no gym. And my don’t have a soccer team. Im trying to workout. Get more muscule and lose weight. I do that every once and awhile but i don’t know if im doing it right. Anyone have any tips what to do?
    About the soccer team i meant that there isnt one this year!!

      • HealthNut
      • August 24, 2012

      This website has good things to help you lose weight and tone up your body, it helps me lose 2 pounds per week.



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