Beaumont Takes Pride In Health Of Citizens

Take care of your body. Its the only place you have to live. Jim Rohn, entrepreneur and motivational speaker (1930-2009)


Beaumont is an active city where everyone can keep fit, stay in shape, and enjoy a healthy life.

Whether you like running a 10K race, jogging around the track, taking a walk, riding your bike, swimming a few laps, joining a fitness class, learning to eat right, or getting in shape with First Lady Michelle Obamas Lets Move! program, the City of Beaumont wants to join with you in living healthy!

Our hometown has a long tradition and a deep commitment to help residents get the most out of life. In Beaumont, we have 15 city parks for family recreation and exercise. We also support the fitness efforts of the Beaumont-Cherry Valley Recreation and Park District, which offers many classes and athletic activities at Noble Creek Community Park. We also salute the Beaumont Unified School District for encouraging a healthy lifestyle for our children. Students benefit from campus running clubs and the Beaumont Spirit Run, which raises money for local schools.

 And we cant forget the Beaumont Rugby Club, Beaumont Youth Baseball & Softball, Beaumont Adult Softball, the American Youth Soccer Organization, the Beaumont Youth Community Basketball League, Junior All-American Football and swim teams at Beaumont High School.

In Beaumont, were trying to promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle, said Mayor Roger Berg.

The legacy of a vigorous, healthy lifestyle dates more than a half-century ago to the opening of The Plunge at Stewart Park. It was the talk of the town as youngsters frolicked, played Marco Polo, swam laps in the municipal pool. Before then, families who wanted to take a swim would pack up their youngsters and drive all the way to San Jacinto.

In the early 1990s, Beaumont dreamed of a network of bikeways that would fan out across town. Now, you can leave the family car behind and ride to school, local businesses, parks and many of our inviting neighborhoods along 28 miles of bike trails and paths connecting our city. And another 37 miles of bikeways are planned!

For the last several years, the City has hosted a bicycle road race and 5K/10K community run. These springtime events are real crowd-pleasers and get us all thinking about physical fitness. The Redlands Bicycle Classic Beaumont Road Race will feature about 400 professional cyclists taking to the streets of our hometown and Cherry Valley while careening across every possible kind of terrain to the finish line.

Breezin Through Beaumont welcomes almost 600 experienced runners and avid walkers alike who will be making their way along the streets of our hometown and finishing up near Stewart Park. You might catch them training on the track at our 20-acre Beaumont Sports Park.

In 2010, Beaumont picked up the pace by joining First Lady Michelle Obama Lets Move! campaign to end childhood obesity within a generation.

 Lets Move! encourages healthy foods in schools, better food labeling, and more physical activity for youngsters.

The program also promotes active families and cities like Beaumont are asked to take steps to foster physical fitness. Our hometown has already earned a bronze medal for participating in Lets Move! and hopes to receive a gold medal for meeting future fitness goals.

Hometown fitness

Meanwhile, Beaumont is hard at work on its own fitness and nutrition program to keep city employees and the community active and eating right.

City employees are encouraged to exercise regularly; healthy employees mean fewer sick days, more productivity, lower insurance premiums and enhanced public service

 When they check their inboxes on Mondays, they find healthy recipes and tips from Customer Service Coordinator Karee Keyser. 

One of Keysers recent emails told of the importance of eating right to get the proper amount of omega-3 fats, which help lower triglycerides and total cholesterol. The fats are important for growth, heart health, and brain function. Another email offered up a tasty, healthy recipe for apple mustard burgers made with ground chicken, turkey, or pork.

Ive always had a deep passion for health and fitness, said Keyser, who earned a degree in kinetics, the scientific study of human movement.

Keyser will soon share her recipes and tips for healthy living with the community on the citys website, www.BeaumontCares.com[1] In mid-April, the City will start a walking club, which will meet once a week to encourage fitness. Stay tuned for more details! And the City and Beaver Medical Group will also sponsor health education classes and seminars for the community starting in the fall.

In Beaumont, we take pride in the health of our citizens and this community, said Mayor Roger Berg. Its great to see this legacy continue and grow.

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