Wellness begins at home: 5 tips for a healthier, happier home

(BPT) – From diets to exercise routines to standing at our desks while we work, we do a lot to stay healthy. Most of the time this involves focusing on what we eat and how we move. No doubt this is an essential component to good health, but increasingly, people are realizing their home environment can have a big impact on their mood, their health and how they feel.

The following are five changes in your home environment that can have the biggest impact on your overall well-being.

1. Declutter. Over the years, the stuff we own starts to pile up. Most of it we don’t need, but it’s hard to get rid of a lot of things. Maybe it was a gift, or has sentimental value. Whatever the case, it can be difficult, but going through your house and getting rid of the clothes, kitchen appliances and general clutter can be a transformative experience that reduces stress and creates a calmer home atmosphere.

2. Holistic health in your bathroom. Your day begins in the bathroom, so why not start it off right? You shower and brush your teeth, but are you aware of the health and cleansing benefits of using a bidet seat? Gynecologists, obstetricians and urologists all recommend cleansing with water, and a high-tech bidet seat like TOTO’s WASHLET S300e offers a luxury personal cleansing system to make you cleaner and more refreshed than you’ve ever felt after a bathroom break – and it’s more eco-friendly than using toilet paper. You’ll be surprised by how this simple addition to your bathroom can benefit men and women at all stages of life.

Looking for a seamless installation? Consider TOTO’s Carlyle II 1G Connect+ S300e One-Piece Toilet, which delivers all the personal cleansing and comfort benefits of the WASHLET and conceals the water supply and electrical connection. This elegant combination will complement any bathroom décor.

To discover more life-changing alterations to make to your bathroom, visit and discover what their people-first innovations can do for you and your home

3. The bedroom is for sleeping. Your mood, energy level, ambition and so much more depends on getting a full night’s sleep. To help ensure you get enough sleep, transform your bedroom into a sanctuary. If you have a TV in it, take it out and leave your phone in the kitchen when you go to bed. Your bedroom should be a spot for sleeping and relaxing activities such as reading or meditating.

4. Color matters. The color of a room has a huge impact on your mood; in fact, the color of a room can make or break a space. As a rule of thumb, many interior designers break colors into warm and cool. Warm colors such as yellow, orange and red create an energized space and may be great options for a family room or home office. Cool tones such as blue or green create a calming atmosphere, perfect for spaces where you go to relax and unwind.

5. Plants. It sounds simple, but it’s easy to overlook this one. Indoor plants provide the double service of boosting your mood and cleaning the air. For instance, common house plants such as a spider plant, peace lilies and a number of ferns naturally remove toxins such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and more from the air. This is a vital service, especially in winter.

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Key 1 to wellness at the workplace
Work will always be a vital part of our life and for some of us it can become a source of stress which can lead to other problems at home and in other relationships. Work requires a lot of physical and mental exertion so here are a few tips on how to prepare yourself before work, maintain your wellness during it, and continuing your healthy lifestyle after it.

Key 1 to wellness at the workplace – Eat a healthy breakfast.
Starting your day off right begins with a healthy meal, allows you to focus more on the important tasks and decreases fatigue. In some studies, skipping breakfast over time can lead to obesity as you tend to backload your other meals with heavier portions.

Key 2 to wellness at the workplace – Limit Coffee consumption
Coffee is known to give you a sudden boost but it drains your energy later requiring yet another cup. Limit it to two cups a day, and try weaning off of the liquid over time as you improve your overall lifestyle habits and develop more natural energy

Key 3 to wellness at the workplace – Decrease those back soreness
When standing, try and balance your weight equally on both of your feet while keeping knees bent just slightly. When sitting it is about posture, so make sure that you put your spine upright against the back of your chair.

Key 4 to wellness at the workplace – Gain back afternoon energy loss
A lot of energy loss can be attributed to that big lunch of steak and frech fries you had, so try and limit your intake to something a little leaner such as fish with vegetables and fruit. Eating something sweet or having a coffee could drain your energy even more.

Key 5 to wellness at the workplace – Get a quick exercise in
Try and do a quick aerobic exercise before or after work that targets the cardiovascular system. Both will be great at getting your metabolism going and giving you a natural energy boost. They also do a great job of strengthening your body physically and emotionally as you prepare for an entire day of work.

It is important to set work -life boundaries so that you leave you family life at home and your business life at the office. This will help you have more restful sleep and renewed energy to spend with friends and family.

Wellness at the Workplace Wellness at the Workplace

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