Is BPA a thing of Halloween nightmares?

(BPT) – Now that fall is underway and you’re already growing tired of all the pumpkin-flavored treats, Halloween must not be too far away. That means it’s time to head to the store to pick up the trendiest Halloween decor to guarantee a shocked response from trick-or-treaters. But before you do, have you considered what […]

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Too much of a good thing? 4 ways you’re doing cardio wrong

(BPT) – Does your exercise routine live and die by the treadmill? Does your workout consist of an hour on the elliptical? While you can’t ignore the positive impact aerobic exercise has on your health, it may not be the dream weight-loss solution you hope for. “It seems an awful lot of people walk, jog, […]

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Too Much Of A Good Thing: When Exercise Becomes Detrimental To One’s Health

Bruce Lee is a martial arts icon. He blazed the movie screens with his powerful, lighting quick punches and kicks. More than just a martial arts master, he was a philosopher, instructor, and actor. More than He is admired and respected by many martial artists today. He is often referred as “the Father of Mixed […]

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Is There Really Such A Thing As Quick Weight Loss Tricks?

This informative article is sponsored by Mommy Edition. Many people want to know all about quick weight loss tricks, and it’s pretty easy to give a truthful explanation. The fact of the matter is, there are none that are actually advisable. Weight management is a matter of developing and maintaining smart, simple habits. It really isn’t […]

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