4 Steps to Calculating ROI When Starting a Personal Training Business

Health and fitness professionals who are thinking about starting a personal training business or who want to grow their existing personal training businesses may eventually need to make a sizeable investment now to reap profits later. But this cannot be done without first understanding how to calculate the return on investment, commonly referred to […]

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Starting Young: 5 Heart-healthy Lifestyle Tips For Kids

Contact Information Available for logged-in reporters only Newswise ST. LOUIS It’s never too early for you to start taking care of your heart. Studies show children who have good heart health practices are at lower your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases later in life. The first step, says Susan Haynes, M.D., assistant professor in the […]

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What To Know Before Starting A 6 Week Weight Loss Plan

In January of every year, many people resolve that they are going to finally lose weight and get in good shape again. Unfortunately, many of these same people do not have a good idea of how they can go about doing this. There are many different weight loss plans out there, and before you start […]

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