Prescription for a healthy holiday: Tips to safeguard your medicines

(BPT) – For many people, the holiday season means extra visits with family and friends, creating fun memories, sharing traditions and enjoying the warm glow of family. With all the decorating and activities, it’s easy to let safety slip off your to-do list. But this is an excellent time to make sure powerful medicines don’t […]

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Tips to help save money on prescription drug costs

(BPT) – Modern medications can work wonders, improving quality of life, curing illness and even saving lives. However, those miracles can come at a high cost, as anyone who’s had to pay for branded prescription medication knows. In fact, spending on prescription drugs has increased 73 percent in the past seven years, according to a […]

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Traveling Alternative Roads: Other Options For Health Care

Health insurance can be expensive if you are not lucky enough to have it provided by your employer. Even shopping around for the best quotes may not be within your budget. Luckily there are alternatives to health insurance that you can take advantage of so that you and your family will be safe even if […]

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Marriage Is A Prescription For A Healthy Heart, Study Suggests

Being married appears to be aheart-healthy lifestyle, according to researchers. Married men and women had lower rates of heart disease thanthose who were widowed, divorced or single, with fewerconditions like hardening of the arteries or blood clots, astudy found. The research, which analyzed medical records of 3.5million people nationwide evaluated for heart disease, waspresented today […]

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Health Insurance Open Enrollment Time: Ehealthinsurance Releases 5 Consumer Tips To Navigate New 'summary Of Benefits …

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–(Marketwire – Sep 21, 2012) – Today eHealthInsurance ( NASDAQ : EHTH ), America’s first and largest private health insurance exchange, released its top five tips to help consumers navigate the new “Summary of Benefits and Coverage” forms which will be unveiled this month in accordance with provisions of the 2010 Affordable Care […]

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New Save My Back Program Announced By Adjunct Professor Mike Nelson For Back Pain Sufferers Who Want To Cure Back …

If a cure for back pain, including lower back pain, upper back pain, middle back pain, side back pain, pain in back of neck, or a combination of back and neck pain, sounds good then these free pain relief tips from Mike Nelsons save my back program can help because they address what causes back […]

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