10 Ways to Avoid Overeating

Food is everywhere. It’s at the gas station, the shopping mall, on the reception desk at work and in the park. It’s how we celebrate birthdays, holidays and even social outings. It’s difficult to ever go hungry in our abundant society.  Given the prevalence of food, do you sometimes find yourself eating […]

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Child Obesity: Using attention modification program to decrease overeating in obese children

Among the multiple factors that can cause obesity is an abnormal neurocognitive or behavioral response to food cues. The brain becomes wired to seek — and expect — greater rewards from food, which leads to unhealthful overeating. Attention modification programs, which train a person to ignore or disregard specific, problematic cues or triggers, have been […]

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A Rant: Why We REALLY Overeat

[ Sometimes I read an article so great I have to share it with all my readers. This recent post by fitness expert Jon Benson is one of those articles. See if it doesn't help you with your weight loss goals. Thanks! ] Fair warning … this one is a rant. It’s probably a bit […]

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