Low Fat

Low-carb Or Low-fat? Doesn't Matter

13 comfort foods to boost weight loss Hot chocolate Collard greens Chicken noodle soup Coffee Pot roast Oatmeal Roasted carrots Red wine Pumpkin Chili Chickpeas Roasted potatoes Mashed sweet potatoes STORY HIGHLIGHTS A new study suggests any low-carb or low-fat diet can help with weight loss The average sustained weight loss after one year was […]

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Low-fat, Low-carb, Or Low-glycemic? Study Shows Which Is Best To Keep Weight Off

By Joy Bauer, TODAY nutrition expert Cutting-edge research from Boston Childrens Hospital suggests that the type of diet you eat may affect your metabolism[1], a finding that has important implications for weight maintenance. Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association[2] this week, the study looked at three popular diets (low-carb, low-glycemic, and low-fat) […]

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6 Strange Dietary Bedfellows

[ Jon Benson writes some of the most provocative fitness stuff on the Internet, so I know you'll this recent article from him… ] What do these six things have in common? – McDonalds – Renée Zellweger – Epileptic children – Yours truly – Most bodybuilding and fitness competitors – Kiefer Sutherland Give up? All […]

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