Low-carb Or Low-fat? Doesn't Matter

13 comfort foods to boost weight loss Hot chocolate Collard greens Chicken noodle soup Coffee Pot roast Oatmeal Roasted carrots Red wine Pumpkin Chili Chickpeas Roasted potatoes Mashed sweet potatoes STORY HIGHLIGHTS A new study suggests any low-carb or low-fat diet can help with weight loss The average sustained weight loss after one year was […]

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Fitness Advice That Doesn't Work

Bad Advice: Crunches Are The Best Way To Burn Belly Fat The reality: “Crunches cause your abdominal muscles to contract, which will increase their strength and endurance, [but] crunches burn very few calories,” says Michele Olson, Ph.D., a professor of exercise science at the Human Performance Laboratory at Auburn University at Montgomery in Alabama. You […]

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