Debunking one of the biggest misconceptions about menopause

(BPT) – Nearly all women will go through menopause at some point in their lives. Often with this comes a loss of intimacy, one of the biggest – yet least discussed – side effects of menopause. While to some this may seem inevitable, menopause does not need to signify the end of a woman’s sex […]

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The Biggest Loser': Dolvett Quince Reveals His #1 Weight Loss Secret

Dolvett Quince has been a trainer on The Biggest Loser so he knows a thing or two about staying fit and healthy. caught up with Dolvett who reveals his #1 weight loss tip! The Biggest Loser: Glory Days[1] is well into Season 16, and trainerDolvett Quince[2] admits that the contestants are some of the […]

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