Living A Healthy Lifestyle Could Delay Dementia By Up To 12 Years

Landmark UK study tracked the lives of 2,500 men for 35 years Researchers asked men to follow a five-step healthy living plan They were urged to take regular exercise, not smoke, maintain a healthy weight, eat a good diet and have a low alcohol intake Study, which started in South Wales in 1979, is longest […]

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12 Ways To Add Variety To A Stale Off-season Workout

An off-season workout can get boring if you don’t see results as quickly as you’d like. It’s important to keep things interesting, because sometimes progress can be slow. Here are some tips to keep your workouts challenging and creative, so you keep going through the plateaus. RELATED:4 Push-Up Variations for Bigger Arms and Chest[1] Vary […]

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Work-out Tips: 12 Exercise Take-aways From Kalamazoo Fitness Foray

KALAMAZOO, MI The Kalamazoo Fitness Foray[1] has eliminated all of my excuses for not working out. In light of an obesity epidemic and the start of the summer season, I thought it was a good time to highlight local individuals who are leading interesting fitness programs by trying out their classes this week. On Monday, […]

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