Subliminal Messages And Your Health

A screenshot of the man page for the SoX program, which includes a joke about backward messages. Both Eterm and SoX are GPL. Subliminal Messages have been used for over 30 years for weight loss, love, sex and many other self-help issues.

The term “subliminal” is derived from two Latin words, “sub”, meaning under, and “limen” meaning threshold . Subliminal programming is the act of conveying a message directly to the subconscious mind. Below the threshold Of conscious awareness. You will not actually hear the affirmations contained in the audio as they are hidden in the ocean sound below the threshold of you conscious. This is called sound masking.

Subliminal Programming is a method used to place pre-arranged thoughts or ideas into the subconscious mind and reinforcing pre-existing information Stored in the subconscious or to increase a person’s selective attention. With subliminal self help audio, you can start changing your life today and probably see results around a month later.

Subliminal programming is quite different than responding without awareness. Subliminal programming involves reacting to stimuli that are above your physiological thresholds but below your perceptual thresholds. Subliminal audio can change all areas of you life and here are a few examples of the many applications that subliminal messages can be helpful. Weight loss, over coming fears, attraction, sex, love, relationships as well as in sports. Subliminal Messages have stood the test of time and have proven to be extremely effective in helping people of all ages reach their goals.

Where can you buy subliminal programs? – The answer is quite simple. Search the internet.

Where can you get subliminal messages for free? – There is only one place that I have found and this was brought to my attention by an editorial at Yahoo. The site is – a site that doesn’t sell subliminal programs but offers around a hundred subliminal titles for free.

Subliminal Encoders are currently the only real way to produce subliminal messages that reach the subconscious mind effectively. While Subliminal encoders can cost thousands to purchase, Subliminal encoders are currently the only way to record or produce professional subliminal recordings without any distortions.

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A screenshot of the man page for the SoX program, which includes a joke about backward messages. Both Eterm and SoX are GPL. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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