The Ideal Recipe For A Longer And Healthy Life

Health News of Thursday, 27 November 2014

Source: Kwasi, Emmanuel

Regenerative Health And Nutrition: The Ideal Recipe For A Longer And Healthy Life In This Our New Generation

To regenerate means reestablish on a new, usually improved on basis or to revamp. Regenerative health and nutrition is further elucidated as the attainment of optimal physical and mental well-being through a consistent practice of holistic healthy lifestyles and adoption of a good nutrition habit for prolong healthy life.

The backbone of regenerative health and nutrition highlight on adoption of a healthy lifestyle, good dietary practices, health education and promotion and disease prevention as health development paradigm to eradicate many diseases among Ghanaians and the world at large. One may wonder why there are rampant emergences of numerous types of preventable diseases such as diabetes, sexual dysfunction, renal disease, cardiovascular disease, all cancers, morbidly obese etc. among our new generation. This sudden sharp spike is boredom to our negligence of adopting a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition practices. Advancement in technology in this our generation can be partly be blamed for this our present situation of diverse ailments. There is an inextricably link between regenerative health and nutrition and healthy long life among individuals who practice it and those who do not practice it. Morbidity and mortality is very rare among them. It may amaze you that those advocating for the adoption of regenerative health and nutrition are the very people practicing against what they are preaching for. Because they serve all the junk foods at their workshops to the people they are training to change the peoples behavior. The World Health Organization reports that hunger and related malnutrition are the greatest single threat to the world’s public health. Malnutrition accounts for high rates of childhood morbidity and mortality in developing countries including Ghana. Research shows that, malnutrition suffered in the womb has negative health effects on the individual throughout the life cycle and its capable of depriving the individual of his/her full potentials in future. More importantly, the main medicinal recipe for a healthy and prolong livelihood are good nutrition, water, physical exercise, and rest. If we will avoid or limit the fried rice and chicken, highly flavored dishes (more mono sodium glutamate), Indomie instant noodle with fried egg or pepper chicken, sugary foods, canned and tin foods, creamy fatty foods, red meat, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, caffeinated drinks etc. and eat pure natural foods such as varieties of fruits and vegetables (especially green leafy ones more in our diet), yam, fish, etc. and substituting Mono sodium glutamate, food additives (the taste that kills) with onion, garlic and ginger in our diet will prevent the aforementioned diseases and many more. It is scientifically evidenced that the nephrons of the kidney cannot produce enough urine resulting in building up of high level of toxic wastes in the body and can make one very sick or even die if one is consistently dehydrated. Water lubricates our joints, keeping them from getting stiff and making sure motion is smooth. Water is utilized in the digestion of food in the gastrointestinal tract and to access stored energy for muscles and organs, and for countless other reactions. Our bodies must maintain a specific pH level of 7.4. pH values less than 6.9 and greater than 7.6 are chronic life threatening. It is therefore essential that we drink enough water to keep pH from deviating too far from normal. Minimum of eight glasses of water a day (four sachet of what we call pure water) will indeed be a medicine. Physical rigorous exercise can prevent many diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, morbidly obese. One can choose a cardiovascular exercise, like aerobics, walking, running and jogging, swimming etc. to help in burning a number of calories. Visceral body fat is also reduced with regular exercise. A physical rigorous exercise also boosts Stamina, tones the body, the immune System, and reinvigorates your Sex life and curing insomnia. Resting is medicine. The bigger concern is chronic sleep loss, which can contribute to health problems such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and a decrease in the immune systems power. The brain and the nerves can switch off completely if one work tirelessly throughout the day without resting. One hour period of siesta at senior high school help in excellent learning and memory, metabolism and weight, safety, mood and cardiovascular health and should be encouraged in all schools across the globe. In conclusion, research over the last 40 years has proven that a carefully selected healthy diet especially one rich in varieties of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains integrated with regular prolonged vigorous exercise and some strength-building exercise can both prevent and treat many diet related and life threatening diseases. A poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle are known to be risk factors for life-threatening chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. Age fast or age slowly is partly your choice. Written by Kwasi Emmanuel, Nutritionist (UDS) Tel: 0247823111/0275646663 Email: Kwasiemma@gmail.com

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