Strength Training Workout for Beginners

strength training for women

Strength training is an important part of improving your overall fitness, and for women, it can mean much more. In addition to numerous health benefits, adding weights to your routine can become a form of personal development that builds strength in all areas of life. Join us over the next two weeks as we celebrate strength training and the strength of all women, no matter their size or life circumstance.

Gone are the days where endless cardio was the answer to improve your body composition. Today, there is no question that weight training is imperative for fat loss, strength gains, bone-density improvements, etc. But the gym can be an intimidating place, especially for women who are new to resistance training. Free weights, barbells and cable machines all look like torture devices to a newcomer, and the fear of “looking silly” or like you don’t know what you’re doing may hold you back. Here are a few tips and six beginner exercises targeting each major muscle group to get you started.


-Don’t be afraid of what you may look like to other people while exploring new equipment. Most people training in the gym are way too focused on themselves to really notice anything else. That’s the great part about self-improvement—you tend to be self-absorbed in the moment, which is exactly how it should be!

-At some point, everyone in that gym picked up a weight or got on a new machine for the first time. You have to start somewhere, so the sooner you start, the sooner you will be an advanced exerciser and able to help someone else new with a few tricks.

-People with a passion for fitness will not judge. Every January, I hear excuses about how people will not start exercise yet because they do not want to look like “a New Year’s resolutioner.” Those of us with a drive, motivation and passion for fitness will be the first to tell you that seeing new people in the gym is motivating to us! It means that you are ready to take that step to get healthier. Anyone who gets upset at new people in the gym is not worth your time. Fitness is not exclusive, nor is it a privilege. It needs to be a priority. So when I see new people in the gym, I get a little happier, because that is one less person who will suffer the consequences of being unhealthy due to weight or inactivity. Plus, exercise improves your mood in the long run, and this world could use more happiness.


For your first time in the gym, choose a weight that is

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Dr Melanie Salmon explains how TRE can be used to aid recovery from Sport related injuries and operations. Trauma Release Exercise is gaining ground in South…
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