Anti-aging Benefits of Exercise

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Today’s active aging market is the largest growing fitness demographic in the industry, with more than 10,000 people in North American turning 65 years old each day. We now know more about aging than ever before, and peer-reviewed, published, refereed research offers some great news: Of the five types of aging—chronological, functional, biological, psychological and social—we can not only train, but reverse, four of them  To help celebrate Active Aging week, let’s take a closer look at these researched benefits.

Chronological Age

Chronological age refers to the days you have been alive on the planet since birth. Of course, this is the one age marker that cannot be reversed or trained. However, a class of 25 participants all possessing the same chronological age will likely have various health issues, from osteoporosis to heart disease. That’s why it is so important for fitness professionals to be well acquainted with the common health concerns facing this demographic. The ACE Senior Fitness Manual and specialty certification are great resources for learning about these concerns.

Functional Age

Functional age refers to the abilities we have to be able to meet all of our activities of daily life (ADL) independently, which form the definition of self-efficacy. Research states that the best way to improve functional age is to train functional movements required for everyday life while also performing mental work within the confines of multi-mode training. This means that, instead of asking clients to perform 30 minutes of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, a more effective approach might be to create specific tasks and continuously sequence among these three modes of training for up to three minutes per mode and task. Furthermore, research states that calling such movements “games” with this population produces greater results than telling them “we are exercising” (Morgenthal and Shephard, 2005). To be sure, balance training in various forms should be a component of each of those modes (Larkin, 2012), which we define as training the body as an integrated unit to be able to both maintain and move it in a plethora of daily required positions.

Biological Age

Biological age refers to the medical status of a client based on the medical community’s standards and guidelines. Multi-mode training can not only bring about health and wellness gains, but can also potentially reverse some health issues (American College of Sports Medicine, 2009). Bernadette O’Brien, M.A., age 83, is the oldest ACE Certified individual on the planet. She trains both group and private clients daily. When she began moving after decades of smoking and living a sedentary lifestyle, her weight loss in the midsection

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