Mangalore: Two Konkani Books On Health By Dr Edward Nazareth Released

Mangalore: Two Konkani books on health by Dr Edward Nazareth released

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Mangalore, Dec 28: Two books titled Burgyachi Bolayki ani Zathan (Child Health and Care) and Bolaykechein Hishare (Health Tips), authored by Dr Edward Nazareth in Konkani were released at Father Muller Medical College Hospital premises here on Saturday, December 28.

Fr Patrick Rodrigues, director, Father Muller Charitable Institutions, Walter Nandalike, editor-in-chief of released the books.

Fr Patrick Rodrigues said, “Health care is the fourth basic need of humankind. It is as important as food, shelter and clothing. Dr Nazareth is known for being accessible to people of all age groups. His books are treasure troves of knowledge on health, and are reasonably priced while being more qualitative with in-depth analysis.”

Walter Nandalike said, “I am delighted to release Dr Nazareth’s book not simply because he is a doctor and the author. But, personally he is my guru”.

He also acknowledged the support of Dr Edward Nazareth in contributing to Ask Doctor column on daijiworld. “So far, Dr Nazareth has answered more than 4,000 questions without expecting anything in return,” he said.

President of Konkan Prachar Sanchalan Roy Costelino who also shared the dais said, “When there is so much of contamination in what we eat and in the air we breathe, a book on health can enhance our knowledge. Dr Nazareth is known for reaching out to the common man with his simplest form of writing and usage of terms. I wish him all success.”

Apart from contributing to the print and online publications, Dr Edward Nazareth has written two novels, five short stories and eight books on health.

About Burgyachi Bolayki ani Zathan

Introducing the book, Dr Jacintha Martis said, “The book on child health and care is not just on pediatrics but more about effective and healthy parenting. Being successful parents themselves, Dr Nazareth along with his wife Dr Nelly have written point by point on how to take care of ones children. The book consists of extensive information on child psychology and more than what a doctor can tell you during short time of counseling. It is simple in its form and is divided into 9 parts with 48 chapters. Its a must-read book for parents with small children and for expectant mothers. It is better to buy this book and spend less on consultation.”

About Bolaykechein Hishare

Concepta Fernandes, mother of two children, said the book Bolaykechein Hishare is a treasure trove of knowledge on health. Introducing the book, she said, “It consists of 60 articles spanning 207 pages. Dr Edward has covered various topics on health, from food and fitness to sleep. Each article is about three to four pages and is a coffee table book. The index will take you to the specific pages and there is no wasting of time. The writing is in a simple form and speaks easily to the common man,” she added.

Dr Edward Nazareth welcomed the gathering. His wife Dr Nelly Nazareth proposed a vote of thanks.

Former Rakhno editors Fr Mark Valder and Fr V V Menezes were part of the book release ceremony. Besides, a number of writers and poets among others were present.

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