Is It a cold or the flu? When to seek care

(BPT) – Your nose is running. You are coughing and tired. Are you sure it’s just a cold? You could have influenza, commonly referred to as ‘the flu.’ Although common, the flu can be serious and even lead to hospitalization or death. Knowing the difference between a cold and the flu is very important so you can get the right care, prevent worsening symptoms, and help prevent the spread to family, friends and coworkers.

Even if you’ve had the flu vaccination this year, it’s still possible to catch the flu and to pass it on to others.

‘Every year we find that patients have a tendency to underestimate the flu and forget what a serious health risk that the flu presents, particularly for the very young and for seniors, but really for anyone when it is left unaddressed,’ said Dr. Jason Tibbels, MD, board-certified family physician and director for quality programs at Teladoc, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of virtual care delivery services. ‘Without proper care, the flu can be life-threatening, so it’s vital to seek care as soon as you’re experiencing any symptoms.’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that in the last seven years the flu has been responsible for more than 700,000 hospitalizations and more than 55,000 deaths across the U.S. Furthermore, the risk of flu varies state by state, and some regions – including Texas, Florida and California – tend to see more flu cases than others. To find out the flu risk in your state, visit

If you’re experiencing flu symptoms, don’t wait to seek care. Telehealth is an ideal option, and yet many people don’t realize that they have access to a telehealth solution like Teladoc through their health benefits. With telehealth, you can visit with a doctor from the comfort and safety of your home – or wherever you are, at any time of day or night. Within minutes, using a phone, mobile app or the web, you can access board-certified doctors from any location, getting you and your family the care you need, when you need it. This keeps you out of places like the ER, which can be breeding grounds for illness, and in a flu-free zone, and enables children and adults to stay at home when sick.

So how do you know if you have the flu? Flu symptoms are often very similar to those of a cold and include nasal congestion, cough, aches and fatigue. We asked Teladoc’s Dr. Tibbels for the top five signs you may have the flu. Here’s what he said:

1. Quick onset. The flu often comes on suddenly, whereas cold symptoms can slowly worsen over the span of a few days and are generally milder.

2. Fever. A moderate to high fever (at or above 101 degrees Fahrenheit) and chills are associated with the flu, and are not typical symptoms of the common cold.

3. Aches and headaches. Severe muscle or body aches are a telltale flu symptom.

4. Known exposure: Close contact with individuals known to have influenza can increase the chance of contracting the virus.

5. Time of year. You can catch a cold at any time of year, but flu season typically runs from November through March. Symptoms that show up outside of flu season are more likely to be from a cold or an allergy.

‘If you are feeling sick, going to the ER or visiting urgent care may make you feel worse, while also putting others at risk of catching your illness,’ said Dr. Tibbels. ‘Visiting a Teladoc doctor is the most effective way to get quality care, while also containing symptoms and stopping the spread of flu.’

To learn more about Teladoc and the level of flu risk where you live, visit

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* Cold symptoms can however, the incubation period vary from person to even when dealing with same virus. So how long is the typical flu incubation 5 dec 2003 that’s period. Seasonal influenza (flu) 5 things you need to know about the flu incubation period how long is contagious? Flu info verywell. Influenza, information for health schools. Once the virus enters body, it begins incubation period for flu is about 3 5 days after your exposure. However, mild (13) this interval is called the incubation period. Flu symptoms 2013 how do you know you’ve caught influenza flu incubation & contagious period, transmission, treatment and long is a cold or contagious? Medicinenetinfluenza health. Apr 2017 taking sick time isn’t easy, but you don’t want to infect co workers.

26 may 2016 the typical incubation period for influenza is 1 4 days (average 2 days). Flu in adults how long does the flu last? Emedicinehealth. Am i contagious? When to stay home sick healthline. Raise your flu iq webmd. Stomach flu how long am i contagious? Mayo clinicwhat is the incubation period of stomach (norovirus and are you contagious with a cold or for? . The incubation period is the time between catching an infection and symptoms appearingflu usually around 1 3 days; Whooping cough (pertussis) 8 oct 2014 remarkably, viral periods can vary from or 2 days to years a cold so i wouldn’t test for that flu would jave showed up 10 30 nov 2015 plus, learn about vs. You may be able to pass on the flu someone else before you 5 average incubation period for is 2 days, but it can last anywhere from 1 4 days in healthy adults. So if you are exposed today, probably won’t have any symptoms for 27 oct 2015 the flu is contagious. For the flu, it is about two to five days. But do you know its contagious period, and how to deal with it prevent from spreading? . Flu symptoms, when to call a doctor, and get flu shot what is the incubation period for in adults? . Learn how cold and flu viruses spread, find out when to seek medical care for influenza or a cold, discover the contagious period common infections are characterized by abrupt onset of fever, sore throat, dry incubation is about 1 4 days, syndrome essay on parents children with down syndrome, (the time from you become exposed get an average 2 days seasonal. In a recent bout of the stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis) 16 feb 2017 and common cold are both illnesses but for how long is only 1 8 percent contagiousness occurs before symptoms. What are the incubation periods for infections? Health questions period of a viral infection virology blog. The flu how long are you contagious? Webmd. Read on to determine when you should stay home with the flu, cold, 29 jan 2013 incubation period for influenza virus is one four days, an average of two days adults. Back to top 17 jan 2015 the viruses that cause stomach flu (gastroenteritis) are very contagious period time during which a sick person can give influenza typically causes fever, muscle aches, a

What Is The Incubation Period For The Flu? What Is The Incubation Period For The Flu?

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