Invisible hearing aids make myths of wearing one disappear

(BPT) – While 48 million Americans have significant hearing loss, many of them do not wear a hearing aid. In fact, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America, 80 percent of people who would benefit from wearing a hearing aid do not wear one.

Looking older, doesn’t fit lifestyle and too much of a hassle are just a few stigmas that keep people from using a hearing aid.

However, today’s technology makes those challenges disappear with completely invisible, invisible-in-canal (IIC) and completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid options.

Hearing aid differences

So, what are the differences between the three options? It’s all in the placement:

* Completely invisible hearing aids are inserted into the canal by a hearing professional. They stay in the ear 24/7 for months at a time until the hearing aids are replaced by the professional.

* Invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aids are a custom-made style that is inserted into the ear canal; however, they are designed to be removed daily.

* Completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids are custom-made to sit completely in the ear canal. Only the tip of a small handle shows outside the canal. This is used to insert and remove the device.

Let’s explore how invisible hearing aids can make a person feel better about wearing a hearing aid.

Out of sight and out of mind

No one wants to look older than they are. Unfortunately, hearing loss is misperceived to be a sign of old age. However, 40 percent of the 48 million Americans with hearing loss are younger than 60.

For some people, wearing something that points out that misconception may serve as a detractor. With completely invisible hearing aids, the device slips into the canal, making it indistinguishable from everyone around the hearing aid wearer.

‘Completely invisible hearing aids are out of sight and therefore, out of mind for the hearing aid wearer,’ said Dr. Nicole Klutz, audiologist and product manager at Phonak. ‘They don’t have to worry about anyone seeing their hearing aid or associating old age with hearing loss.’

Keep an active lifestyle

The United States of Aging Survey showed that more than half of survey respondents (52 percent) who were 60 and older exercise or are physically active at least four days per week. For those who wear hearing aids, having a device that allows them to stay active is important.

Completely invisible hearing aids don’t have to be manipulated or taken in or out of ears. ‘A completely invisible hearing aid allows wearers to live their life as they did before they started wearing the device,’ said Klutz. ‘They don’t have to take their hearing aid out to use the phone, exercise or participate in activities they enjoy.’

Eliminate the hassle

Completely invisible hearing aids are hassle-free because the hearing aid wearer does not have to do anything. Once the completely invisible hearing aid is in their ear, they simply forget about it and go about their normal lifestyle, according to Klutz.

‘Thanks to the placement of completely invisible hearing aids, the hearing aid wearer doesn’t have to worry about taking the hearing aid out and dropping it, stepping on it or misplacing it,’ she added.

Get in tune with invisible hearing aids

Klutz said the longer someone with hearing loss waits to address it, the longer and harder they are working to understand conversations where they may be missing parts of words or sentences. They also are more likely to withdraw themselves from activities they previously enjoyed but are no longer enjoying due to their hearing loss.

‘People with hearing loss deserve to live a fulfilled, sound-enriched life just as everyone else, without having to worry about being judged for wearing a hearing aid,’ she added.

Completely invisible hearing aids now available

Completey invisible, IIC and CIC hearing aids are available now from Phonak. For more information, visit or find a licensed hearing care professional who has been specially trained to fit the latest in hearing aid technology.

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