Upping your laundry room’s wow factor

(BPT) – Doing the laundry is no longer relegated to dark, musty basements where no one cares to go. Thanks to modern technology, great design and access to innovative ideas online, laundry rooms have moved upstairs and come into their own. In fact, laundry rooms today are right up there with dream kitchens and dream bathrooms – and the more style, function and ‘wow factor,’ the better.

‘Laundry rooms are no longer just utilitarian,’ said Anitra Mecadon, TV personality and award-winning interior designer. ‘People want stylish, healthy environments where they can relax, multitask and have some fun while doing the laundry.’

Below are four ways Mecadon recommends to ramp up the wow factor, function and allure of your laundry room:

* High-tech appliances

When looking for washers and dryers today, there are more features than you can imagine. You should consider your needs and desires before starting your search – and we’re talking about more than gas or electric, front- or top-loading, color, budget and space parameters. Today’s ‘smart’ appliances offer custom wash cycles, wrinkle removal, steam cleaning, less noise, delayed start times, moisture sensors with allergen and sanitize cycles and more. There’s even a machine that washes two separate loads with different setting options at the same time. And nearly every machine today is Energy Star-certified for energy efficiency.

* Loads of style

Laundry rooms today can be decorated to complement other rooms in your home – and Pinterest and Houzz offer loads of pictures online to spark your creativity. Laundry rooms can be country French to modern, whimsical to multifunctional – and it’s not unusual to see them in bold or soothing colors, with comfy chairs, statement lighting, flat-screen TVs and docking stations to play music or charge tablets and phones. They also can include windows to let in natural light. If you think white and stainless are your only color options, think again. They can be turquoise, burnt orange, glacial blue, fire engine red, kelly green and even black stainless.

* Function galore

Washing and drying are only part of doing the laundry. There’s sorting, folding, hanging and ironing – and each of those steps needs its own space, supplies and storage. Baskets for sorting and carrying laundry can be wicker, plastic or wood and stored for all to see or out of sight. Counters for folding can be granite, marble, quartz, butcher block or laminate, and many people put them over their washers and dryers as well as around the room. Drying racks made of ladders or upcycled cribs can be creative and functional. Ironing boards can be stand-alone, foldable and stored in cabinets or retractable and out of sight. Washers and dryers can be big or small, stacked or all in one – and even put on pedestals.

* High-performance drywall

When laundry was relegated to the basement, part of the dread of doing laundry was the thought of being surrounded by dampness, mold and mildew – sometimes from washing machine water hose failure causing mold to grow within the wall cavity. Because your washer and dryer introduce water, moisture and heat into the room, it’s important to use drywall with extra protection for your laundry room walls and ceilings – such as moisture-, mold- and mildew-resistant PURPLE XP drywall by National Gypsum. PURPLE XP – which stands for “Xtra Protection” – products are GREENGUARD Gold Certified for indoor air quality, while aiding in the creation of healthier indoor environments.

‘I love that prettier and more functional laundry rooms are becoming places people want to hang out and do laundry, but it’s important to think about what’s behind all that style and function – and that’s their walls,’ said Mecadon. ‘Walls and what they’re made of are important and they’re not all the same.’

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* Director, Producer (Marty Syjuco and Michael Collins) and main character (Tom Voss) of the soon to be released documentary “Almost Sunrise”, visited Google MTV to screen the documentary and participate in a VA Specialist panel discussion keying on PTSD and Moral injury.

“Almost Sunrise” National Release is on Veteran’s Day on PBS, Saturday November 11th, 2017.

An intimate story that exposes the growing epidemic of soldier suicides and moral injury, ALMOST SUNRISE follows Tom and Anthony on a journey of hope and healing as they walk across America. Their passage is one of redemption, an outer transformation and inner awakening brought on by a rediscovery of the power of community, bringing these young men out of their battered psyches and into a renewed sense of relationship with the people and world around them.

Talk moderated by Jacob Soviero.

Almost Sunrise | Talks at Google Almost Sunrise | Talks at Google

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    • Wisdom searcher.
    • October 13, 2017

    Moral injury starts when the moral values in the society you live in shapes your decisions and your view on the world. Nationalism , history and the media is the greatest tools to form the objective normative moral values. And to address the problem with moral injury is to address these areas I believe. The greatest source of moral guilt is probably the division of people in to different races, religions, gender, countries, economical assets and political.
    All lay in ground for the cultivation of warfare.
    When ever you say or do something within a social setting that really is contradictory to your subjective values. That is the start of moral injury.
    We can broaden the base on witch this psychological term stands on I believe.
    And to all veterans I want to say that all past actions are grounded in I time when you where different from who you are today. A 20 year old person is not really neurological developed so the decisions are totally different in contrary to less say a 40 year old. And as the inputs of the environment changes so does or behavior.
    What you did is not somethin you will keep on doing, so say goodbye to the old you, the present is what really exists.
    Meditation, the nature and different yoga breeding excercises are great tools.
    To be aware of where you're thoughts are heading and redirecting them to the present. Writing down different ways in witch you can view suffering and death.
    As the greatest way to find who you truly are.
    Not based upon your actions only based upon your recovery and strategies to cope with the past.

    • Matteo Sy
    • October 13, 2017

    Hello, firt view first comment. Hope you’re all having an awesome day!

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