4 things you can do to protect your drinking water

(BPT) – Water is something many of us tend to devote little time thinking about, not because it is unimportant but because we take our clean, safe drinking water for granted. That is, until something occurs that shifts our focus and shows us how potentially fragile our water infrastructure really is.

News headlines from across North America have brought the threat of poor drinking water to the forefront and caused many people to be curious about their own water. Research from Culligan International shows that 75 percent of survey respondents said they were worried about the water they drink, while 73 percent had never had their water tested.

‘For years we’ve taken the safety of our water for granted,’ says Rick Cook, manager of industry and regulatory affairs for Culligan. ‘But our aging infrastructure has heightened the risks of harmful impurities such as lead and iron contaminating our water supply.’

Preserving safe drinking water is not something that can be left to chance. To protect yourself and your family and to ensure the water running in your home is safe to drink, Cook offers these tips.

* Know where water contamination can occur. Water impurities are not just limited to the water source. They can also occur in the distribution system. While many naturally occurring chemicals and impurities can be filtered at the source, it’s still possible for unsafe amounts of lead to enter your water. These issues are more common in older homes – those built before 1986 – which commonly feature lead pipes and fixtures.

* Educate yourself on the filtration system currently in place at your home. Water treatment solutions, including water softeners, reverse osmosis systems and specialty filters, can eliminate specific impurities in your water. However, charcoal pitchers and refrigerator cartridges cannot.

* Pay attention to the warning signs. Corroded plumbing fixtures, unpleasant odors, disagreeable taste, discolored water and even shortened appliance lifespan are all signs that something is wrong with your water. If you notice any or all of these occurring in your home, it’s time to get your water tested.

* Schedule a test to identify impurities in your water. Because water contamination can happen unexpectedly, through a municipality, your own well or your own pipes, it’s important to have your water tested by a water expert who can determine what harmful impurities – if any – are present and how to eliminate them. While testing can be done at any time, Culligan recommends scheduling a water test after you move into a new house, if you have appliances that are burning out or if you notice a change in the taste, odor or appearance of your water. If you have well water you should also have it tested whenever the water becomes cloudy or changes in taste or smell.

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* How to Improve Kidney Function Naturally
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Recently, many dangerous trends related to conventional medicine have been noted. According to studies and research, over 50% of people relying on conventional medicine for treating chronic kidney disease just waste time. Meanwhile, their condition worsens and goes out of control. When you wonder how to improve kidney function, you should use some natural remedies. Here are some effective alternative measures you can take.

Exercise and Control Hypertension – Hypertension is one of the major causes of chronic kidney disease. Increased stress in your capillaries can cause damage and even narrow blood crafts. It has a negative impact on the nephrons in your kidneys. Healthy eating and physical exercise can regulate your hypertension. You should choose healthy foods to improve kidney function.

When we talk about healthy eating, it is important to lower caffeine and salt consumption, eat vegetables, chicken, whole grains, nuts and fish. A low kidney function diet makes sure you’re able to improve kidney function.

How to Improve Kidney Function Naturally
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Drink Lots of Water – When you drink lots of water, it lets your kidneys eliminate waste products, toxins and excess liquids. This is a reliable natural remedy to avoid kidney stones. Kidney stones can cause obstructions in your kidneys and may result in chronic kidney disease. Water also keeps you hydrated. Dehydration can create a severe renal condition.

Reduce Your Intake of Drugs/Medications – Most people have no idea that chronic kidney disease may be caused by excess drugs or medications. When you think how to prevent kidney failure, you shouldn’t consume a lot of drugs and medications.

In the last few years, some companies and medical professionals have also come up with natural formulas or supplements to reverse chronic kidney disease. In fact, supplements can be one of the most effective natural ways of reversing kidney chronic disease. They are your answer on how to improve kidney health.

Seaweed – According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United States, the use of seaweed is considered to be one of the most effective kidney failure treatment options. The roots and leaves of seaweed are used dried or fresh in capsules, teas and extracts. Seaweed leaves are also used as cooked green, salads and flowers.

How to Improve Kidney Function Naturally
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Avoid Smoking and Alcohol – Smoking and alcohol put unnecessary strain on your kidneys. Therefore, when you want to improve your kidney function, you should avoid smoking and alcohol. It not only prevents kidney failure, but also improves your condition.

Calm Hydration Technique – Drink a mouthful of water slowly , don’t drink water in hurry

Use Stevia – Excess sugar in your diet also puts pressure on your kidneys. Thus, you should use substitutes for sugar. Stevia is an excellent alternative to make sure unnecessary stress isn’t placed on your kidneys.

According to many studies and research, many natural ways of reversing chronic kidney disease are effective and powerful. In fact, many medical professionals recommend using these alternatives for improving your renal and overall health. When you consider improving kidney function, Beat Kidney Disease will be your best choice. This program helps you focus on natural remedies to improve your condition.

How to Improve Kidney Function Naturally
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7 Simple Tips of How to Improve Kidney Function Naturally 7 Simple Tips of How to Improve Kidney Function Naturally

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