Access to mental health care may be just a virtual visit away

(BPT) – Mental health disorders impact thousands of people every day, including many of our friends, neighbors and co-workers. Everyone reading this likely knows someone struggling with mental illness and is aware of the toll it can take on individuals, families and communities. Mental health challenges do not discriminate – they affect people from all […]

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Celebrate 100 years of majesty with a visit to a national park

(BPT) – It has been 100 years since an important American institution was born. On August 25, 1916, the National Park Service was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson and was established as a new federal bureau to oversee the country’s national parks and monuments. Since then, the national park system has grown to […]

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5 Tips For A Smooth Doctor's Visit

An endless wait staring at cream-colored walls, a 1999 issue of Family Circle in hand, a slew of strangers coughing and sneezing next to you: Is this what you picture while scheduling a doctor’s appointment? Or maybe it’s the part after the wait that haunts you. Someone poking and prodding–drawing blood, even!–as you sit helplessly […]

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