Metastatic breast cancer patients tell their stories through art and photography

Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. (BPT) – This post is brought to you by Eisai Inc. When most people think of breast cancer, they think of the pink movement, and often times, ‘beating’ the cancer. A diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer (MBC), a late stage of the disease in which […]

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How stories from the community help shed light on an incurable cancer

(BPT) – Imagine sitting in a doctor’s office and being told you have an incurable form of blood cancer that you’ve never even heard of. A disease that sometimes has no symptoms and no known cause. A type of cancer that leads patients to go through ongoing cycles of relapse and remission before succumbing to […]

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Ways That Weight Loss Success Stories Can Help Motivate You In Your Own Goals

When tackling the project is difficult of losing weight, many times what derails people before they reach the finish line is the fact that they lose motivation. On the very first day that they make the decision that they are going to embark on a weight loss journey, their enthusiasm and inspiration is running high. […]

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Actual Weight Loss Stories

Part of losing weight is sharing your experience with other people. If no one shared their life experiences we would have no motivation to draw from when we make endeavors of our own. It is important to hear weight loss stories from actual people that have gone through the battle you are currently facing. This […]

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