5 Must-know Investing and Retirement Tips

(BPT) – Parents and grandparents typically pass down many things to the next generation – jewelry, furniture and other family heirlooms. But what if the best thing that the preceding generation passed along was their financial wisdom? Through years of investing and saving for retirement, Baby Boomers have experienced a lot and learned many helpful […]

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A Healthy Lifestyle Now Could Make You Wealthier In Retirement

The health benefits of exercising regularly, sticking to a balanced diet, and not smoking are well-known. But theres more to a healthy lifestyle[1] than disease prevention; there are positive financial effects too, especially among retirees. Taking care of yourself now could put you at a distinct advantage in your later years. Living a healthy lifestyle […]

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How Boomers Can Plan For Their Health-care Costs In Retirement

Health-care costs are often the big question mark hanging over boomers retirement savings. Its impossible to predict just how much health-care will cost as we age, but there are steps we can take to reduce our risks and protect our savings. Fidelity Investments annual look at expenses for retirees shows a couple, both 65, retiring […]

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Tips For Female Boomers Nearing Retirement

Female boomers broke the mold when it came to working outside the house and establishing successful careers. The first boomer to file for Social Security last year was a woman, and according to a survey by the Urban Institute, between 1975 and 2007, the number of working women ages 25 to 54 increased to 76% […]

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