Indian Food As Part Of A Weight Loss Regime

Most people think that you can’t possibly eat Indian food, if you’re on a slimming diet. That’s a fair statement if you always eat Indian food in restaurants, because many traditional Indian recipes involve either deep frying or the use of ghee (clarified butter). However, if you cook Indian food at home, it can easily […]

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Your Personal Fitness Regime

Everybody knows that it is important to be fit. Your level of fitness is a major factor in your lifespan, and getting in shape should be a priority. There are plenty of celebrities, whether qualified or not, offering to sell you their latest fitness video or book, and more and more articles in newspapers and […]

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Policy-makers Can Help Inculcate Healthy Regime

KUCHING: A consolidated effort involving both the public and private sectors, including top policy makers, is very much needed to inculcate a healthy lifestyle to combat the rise of non-communicable disease cases in the country. Assistant Minister of Public Health Datuk Dr Jerip Susil said non-communicable diseases including diabetes in particular, is one of the […]

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