Radical Fat Loss Blueprint


[audio] Insane amount of free diet information!

[ Jon Benson writes some of the most entertaining fitness stuff on the Internet, so I know you'll love this recent article from him… ] Scott Colby, CPT just interviewed me recently for “Fit Pros Against Cancer.” My job: Help give away a TON of free fitness information to his listeners as they called into […]

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The “Cost” of Eating Healthy

[ Weight loss and body transformation is never easy, but Jon Benson is an expert at making it EASIER. This is killer article on how to get it done… faster and easier… enjoy! ] One of the biggest myths out there is the myth that eating healthy costs too much. Just the opposite… and I’ll […]

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My “Dirty” Physique Shots

[ You learn something new every day, right? Well, today I learned something new from fitness author Jon Benson. He has given me today to share it with you. Let me know what you think by commenting below! ] Hey… HEY! Keep your mind out of the gutter! By “dirty” I mean down and dirty… […]

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I Just Lost 11 lbs of Bodyfat… On Vacation!

[ The following article was sent to me by Jon Benson, fitness and fat-loss expert. I bet you'll love it! ] It was the weirdest thing … I mean, I’ve been around you know? I’ve had just about every body and fatloss experience you can think of… the good, the bad, the ugly… … and […]

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