Nicole Winhoffer


Using Soups For Weight Loss

Dieting is an issue that many people just cannot get right. A big part of the problem it that they try a crash or fad diet that causes them to lose weight in the short run, but put it all back on in the long run. This is called the rebound effect. Crash diets do […]

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Madonna Workout Exercise Like Madonna: Her Personal Trainer Puts Us Through A Typically Exhausting Madge Workout

I adjust my cheap, gold, size-too-small conical corset, take a deep breath and gingerly start limbering up. In the mirrors that surround the dance floor I see the reflection of a ruddy-cheeked, wholesome woman raising her leg. Am I really ready to work out like Madonna? Its been said the 53-year-old superstar is tacky, past […]

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