Bant's Top 10 Secrets Of Healthy Weight Loss (that Don't Involve Dieting)

BANT’s Top 10 Secrets of Healthy Weight Loss (That Don’t Involve Dieting) This year, the HuffPost UK Lifestyle team is saying no to January. That means, saying no to diets,[1] calorie restriction, detoxing and juice cleanses. So what does healthy weight loss look like for 2014? The British Association For Applied Nutrition And Nutritional Therapy […]

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Diet Apps Don't Always Help With Motivating Weight Loss, Say Experts

A lot of us fall back on dieting[1] apps to make staying in shape easier but new research has revealed that often, they just don’t work. One of the main reasons is because they often fail to provide motivational support and tips on changing behaviour. A study into 30 of the most popular diet apps, […]

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