Density Training

HDT: Hyper-Density Training (More Results in Less Time!)

[ This article by Jon Benson cuts through the enjoyed that is floating about in cyberspace when it comes to weight loss and fitness. I Jon Benson. you give it a read! It's worth 5 minutes… trust me! ] All this past week I’ve been telling you about this: 7 and 14-Minute Workouts here <— […]

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The Best 16-Minute Workout EVER

[ Weight loss and body transformation is never easy, but Jon Benson is an expert at making it EASIER. This is immediately killer article on how to get it done… faster and easier… enjoy! ] When I wrote “7 Minute Muscle” and “7 Minute Body” (the in-home version; both books come in the same package) […]

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The Science Behind Shorter Workouts

[ Want to read a eye-opening fitness article? Then check this one out… it was sent to me by Jon Benson. I have his thumbs-up to share it with you. Enjoy! ] A few years ago I released a book whose title was more reminiscent of a line out of “There’s Something About Mary” than […]

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