The ACE Integrated Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) Model for Obesity

October 6, 2014, 12:00AM PT in Fitnovatives Blog  |   The ACE IFT Model for Obesity was designed to help trainers know how to effectively start training an obese client based on his or her current movement skills, and how to recognize common compensation patterns and providing appropriate exercise solutions. These clients will […]

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ACE Participates in First-of-its-kind Health Policy Fair on Capitol Hill

July 1, 2014, 12:00AM PT in Fitnovatives Blog  |   The ACE Advocacy staff visited with members of Congress and their staff last week at the #WhyGetActive Health Policy Fair on Capitol Hill. The first-of-its-kind event featured a cross-section of 10 national and international leaders in the promotion of physical activity who, along […]

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New ACE Academy Elite Allows Aspiring Personal Trainers to Study on the Go

April 17, 2014, 12:00AM PT in Fitnovatives Blog  |   Offering multiple learning experiences for aspiring personal trainers helps to ensure that no matter what study method you prefer you can prepare the way you want. It can also mean greater retention of the material, resulting in a better, more confident approach with […]

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ACE Total-body Barbell Workout

Did you know you can do a lot more with a barbell than just the basic chest press? This versatile tool is great for performing multijoint movements that target a large amount of muscle tissue. Plus, exercises like squats, deadlifts and presses help to strengthen functional movements that we use everyday. Here is […]

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ACE Partnership Brings Mobile Credit Card Payment Technology to ACE-certified Professionals

In an effort to give you the tools and information you need to have a healthy business, ACE regularly investigates new business practices and technologies on the market. One emerging technology, mobile credit card payment processors, has already become a staple for health and fitness professionals in a variety of settings. These […]

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ACE CEO Scott Goudeseune Discusses How ACE Is Elevating Pros

February 28, 2014, 12:00AM PT in Fitnovatives Blog  |   Since 1985, ACE has evolved from certification provider to thought leader in our industry. Every day we are working hard to elevate you and your profession by building partnerships with healthcare providers, creating opportunities within communities, and by advocating on your behalf in Washington […]

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