Susan Dodson


Tone Up For Summer With The Super Workout You Can Do From Your Living Room

The ultimate series of exercises[1] to tone up every part of your body. Follow this workout[2]. And repeat. SEE ALSO: The Top 10 Men’s Fitness Channels On YouTube For Motivation, Exercise Tutorials And Diet Tips[3] 30 Day Ab Challenge – Plus How To Do Perfect Sit-Ups, Crunches, Leg Raises And Planks[4] 30 Day Ab Challenge […]

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The Neglected Phase Of Cooling-down After Exercise

While working out, a lot of exercisers tend to skip one of the most important parts of the workout. Though exercisers usually perform warm-ups, a lot of them neglect the cool down phase dismissing it as unimportant and a waste of time. Health experts however believe that it is crucial that exercisers should start with […]

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