Robert West

Meditation Yoga Center

By dr jack Send feed back to. dr jack More details about about meditation yoga center Meditation is definitely one of the main principles of yoga, as it has been verified that it is a trustworthy tool to use for achieving mental clarity and health. A very important thing to know is the fact that […]

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Tips For Making Exercise A Habit

I wish I had a superpower, one that would give me the power to exercise, but then be able to give other people the benefits. That would be an awesome superpower for a personal trainer. (Well, that and mind-reading; that would be a cool superpower too.) Sadly, I have no superpowers. Instead, what I have […]

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Weight And Speed

If you have been water skiing for awhile and are feeling comfortable on two skis, you are more than likely ready to start using a slalom water ski. How do you go about choosing a slalom water ski? Two important factors to be taken into consideration when choosing a slalom water ski are the skier’s […]

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Reading Food Labels; Buyer Beware!

As you stroll up and down the isles at the supermarket filling your grocery cart, you are armed with everything you need to make sure you choose your items wisely. Making good, healthy choices is the very reason you carefully put together your shopping list the night before. Now, you know that most of the […]

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Tips For Finding Affordable Health Insurance

When the Affordable Care Act [1]went into full effect this year, it gave uninsured Americans a powerful incentive to go out and obtain a health policy: a fee if they didnt comply. And while the penalty was relatively mild in 2014, its only going to increase starting in 2015. As a result, many individuals who […]

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Making Exercise More Enjoyable And Fun

Aaahhh, the thought of getting up in the morning and going to the gym to lift weights or run on the treadmill. How about the thought of going to the gym after a hard days work when you’d probably rather just go home and relax? Even the thought of exercising at home on your own […]

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