Reginald Foley

Just Say No: Healthy Eating And Peer Pressure

If you are on a diet or simply enjoying a healthy lifestyle, than you probably know that peer pressure to eat foods that are not good for you is a major part of your life. If you are concerned about nutrition and the food that goes into your mouth, don’t worry —there are ways to […]

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Wednesday Workout: Rosie Brennans Secret To Success

Rosie Brennan leading her quarterfinal in the1.5 k classic sprint at the U.S. Cross Country Championships in Houghton, Mich. (Photo: Christopher Schmidt) This weeks Wednesday Workout comes from Rosie Brennan, a 26-year-old Park City native who skis for Alaska Pacific University. Described by USST Head Coach Chris Grover as the number one athlete in the […]

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Are Your Eating Habits Healthy?

Healthy eating is one of those things that everyone wants to do, but no-one is quite sure how to. Food companies all want you to believe that all you have to do to be healthy is buy whatever you’re selling, and people will pay high prices for ‘health in a bottle’ type products. The reality […]

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Mental Health: Knowing When To Get Help

Some people can get so depressed or problematic that they even reach a point where they question their own sanity. Many people actually wonder if they have really “gone over the edge.” How about you? Try to answer these questions: Do you have feelings of sadness or irritability? Has there been a loss of interest […]

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How To Find Really Healthy Food In The Grocery Store

Do you really know what is healthy food? We all try and stick to choosing healthy items when grocery shopping or eating out, but how well do we really know our foods? Discover how to find out about reading between the lines, what to look out for in labels and how to dine out healthily. […]

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