Rebecca Meneses

Tired Of Her Own Excuses, Asher Underwent A Shapeover

Warilla woman Asher Prior can look superhuman. Showing off her IFBB Pro Figure body on the beach. Picture: MARK NOLAN PHOTOGRAPHY It takes more than just absof steel to succeed in the ultra-competitive world of bodybuilding. Asher Prior told CYDONEE MARDON it involves a real strength of character to win. Asher Prior can look superhuman. […]

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Why Not Try Bikram Yoga?

There are many types of yoga, but Bikram yoga tends to stand out from the rest. Even though the practice is largely the same, you’ll immediately notice the difference in the environment — the room in which Bikram yoga is performed is heated between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Bikram yoga follows a consistent program, […]

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