Kenneth Clauson

The Role Of Antioxidants In Good Health And Healthy Living

Everyone has heard about the importance of a balanced diet for maintaining good health. Similarly, everyone knows that they should be getting exercise – or at the very least adding more activity into their days. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential – without it, you’ll find that your immune system starts to slack off […]

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The Ideal Recipe For A Longer And Healthy Life

Health News of Thursday, 27 November 2014 Source: Kwasi, Emmanuel Regenerative Health And Nutrition: The Ideal Recipe For A Longer And Healthy Life In This Our New Generation To regenerate means reestablish on a new, usually improved on basis or to revamp. Regenerative health and nutrition is further elucidated as the attainment of optimal physical […]

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Rheumatic Fever And Heart Disease

Before antibiotic medicines became widely used, rheumatic fever was the largest cause of valve disease. Rheumatic fever is a condition that is a complication of untreated strep throat. Strep throat is caused by a group A streptococcal infection found in the throat. Rheumatic fever can damage body tissues by causing them to swell, but its […]

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