Javier Roberts

Reach Fitness With U Weight Loss

What you fuel yourself with determines how successful you will be in your efforts for weight loss. U weight loss supplements are proven to help people that have struggled in the past with finally reach their fitness goals. So if you have been overweight for quite awhile you are going to want to keep reading. […]

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Online Health Supplements

The internet, a relatively new invention, presents us with new ways to make the purchases of items we need. Another relatively new craze would have to be the world’s obsession with health supplements. In an increasingly health-aware society, there are many easy options out there to help keep your health robust. Many of them are […]

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Kriya Yoga And The Nature Of The Journey

Kriya yoga has found a place in some people who are looking for a deeper, more spiritual relationship with their lives. It is a kundalini oriented yoga and meditation technique, that also teaches certain spiritual and esoteric principles. Unfortunately, like many similar “spiritual” power structures, it teaches you that essentially your power lies outside of […]

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Golf Exercise For A Great Game And New Body In 2006

Golf exercise is mainstream thanks to Tiger, Annika, Larry Nelson and all the top tournament golfers who are doing it and seeing fantastic results from it. You are a “golfing athlete!” And ALL athletes work on their “machines”. Why wouldn’t you? Participating in a golf exercise program that works on all your personal, physical limitations […]

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Many ‘healthy’ And Vegetarian Foods Contain Msg In The Form Of Yeast Extract

Copyright 2006 Truth Publishing There’s a great deal of deception in the labeling of food products found at your local grocery store and even at many health food stores. A disturbing trend I’ve noticed is that many vegetarian products and grocery items billed as “healthy” or “natural” are using chemical additive taste enhancers found in […]

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