David Picklesimer

Practicing Healthy To Improve Your Personal Life

When you practice healthy habits and behaviors, you are improving your personal life. We all need tools to practice good habits and behaviors, which includes positive influences, reading materials, support, resources, and so on. How to practice healthy habits through reading: If you enjoy reading you will find it easy to learn. On the other […]

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Helping Someone With Mental Health Issues

There are many misconceptions about mental health issues. Some don’t realize that these often come about because of a problem within the brain. This happens when some of the chemicals needed for feeling good or for stable thinking are blocked. Bouts of depression are common when something bad or tragic happens, but the lingering depression […]

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Turn Down The Suck In Fitness

Exercise is good for you – there’s simply no doubt about it! However, I still meet clients on a daily basis who’ve vowed to dedicate themselves to an exercise program, only to quit after a month. Let’s face it, North Americans start and stop their fitness programs more frequently than they change their underwear. I […]

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