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Tone Up For Summer With The Super Workout You Can Do From Your Living Room

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Tips For Making Exercise A Habit

I wish I had a superpower, one that would give me the power to exercise, but then be able to give other people the benefits. That would be an awesome superpower for a personal trainer. (Well, that and mind-reading; that would be a cool superpower too.) Sadly, I have no superpowers. Instead, what I have […] Read more
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Wednesday Workout: Rosie Brennans Secret To Success

Rosie Brennan leading her quarterfinal in the1.5 k classic sprint at the U.S. Cross Country Championships in Houghton, Mich. (Photo: Christopher Schmidt) This weeks Wednesday Workout comes from Rosie Brennan, a 26-year-old Park City native who skis for Alaska Pacific University. Described by USST Head Coach Chris Grover as the number one athlete Read more

4 Products On Deep Discount In February

You might think that because you faithfully compare prices online before buying, download coupons to your phone, and watch for deep discounts on yesterday’s inventory as new models appear in stores, you’re getting the best deals you possibly can. Still, sales for some products go by the calendar. Consumer Reports’ Read more
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Three Weight Loss Tips To Make You A Better Investor

Advisors dont usually teach diet and exercise tips as a way for clients to become better investors, but there are stark similarities between the two that new, existing, and future retirees can use to improve both their personal and financial well-being. Over the past six months I have dropped fifty pounds, and I feel great. […] Read more

Personal Trainers From The Co-rec Offer Workout Tips For Winter

Jawbone, a consumer technology and wearable products company, analyzed hundreds of thousands of their consumers steps every day for a year and correlated them with weather conditions in their users area. Not surprisingly, they found that as temperatures dropped, so did the level of physical activity. As temperatures in the area continue to slump Read more

Workout Wednesday: Keeping Fit During The Holidays

First Lower 9th Ward grocery store opens since Katrina[1] First Lower 9th Ward grocery store opens since Katrina[2] A U.S. Army Veteran and lifelong Lower Ninth Ward resident poured his entire life savings into building the grocery store.more>>[3]A U.S. Army Veteran and lifelong Lower Ninth Ward resident poured his entire life savings Read more

Wedding Day Workout!

2014 is the summer of lovin’, as a number of celebrities have recently said ‘I do.’ Jessica Simpson showed off her newly svelte figure as she walked down the aisle to wed her longtime boyfriend, Eric Johnson. Adam Levine married his model sweetheart Behati Prinsloo. And, Katie Couric wed her financier boyfriend John Molner. Read more
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12 Ways To Add Variety To A Stale Off-season Workout

An off-season workout can get boring if you don’t see results as quickly as you’d like. It’s important to keep things interesting, because sometimes progress can be slow. Here are some tips to keep your workouts challenging and creative, so you keep going through the plateaus. RELATED:4 Push-Up Variations for Bigger Arms and Read more

Diet Tips To Pack On Muscle On A Budget

One of the most popular ways to build muscles isn’t just going to the gym. Many believe that the use of supplements are a great way to do so, especially when the label itself promises weight gain and building muscles. But you don’t have to depend on pills and supplements to help you do just […] Read more
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