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Beyond Weight-loss: Diet For Better Sleep, Energy, Sex And Great Skin

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Why We Yo-yo In Weight, How To Stop It

INDIANAPOLIS(WISH) An estimated 45 million Americans diet each year and spend $33 billion annually on weight loss products. Yet, nearly two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. The repeated loss and regain of weight, called weight cycling better known as the diet yo-yo plagues many people, but the problem might be more than a failed Read more

Want Weight-loss Tips? Beware Of Top Search Results Online

(Shutterstock/Photo Africa) If you’re looking online for weight-loss advice, it might be a good idea to bypass the first page of your search results, a new study suggests. About one-third of Americans are overweight, so it’s not surprising that around 40 percent of Americans search online for tips on weight loss and exercise, according Read more
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Everyone's Reading. . . The Party Slim Down Plan & The Magical Chill Pill We All Need

How to Lose Weight For an Event & Jessica Alba Body Weight Loss Tips: If you’ve got a big event coming up your body prep need not involve weeks of minimal eating and botox injections to get the body you’re after. By being consistent with training and smart nutrition you can easily drop the weight, […] Read more

Weight-loss Warriors: Couple Loses 320 Pounds

Danny Patton weighed almost 400 pounds when he realized that he needed to take control of his body. His girlfriend, Kalean Duffy, was also overweight. Together, the couple, who are both originally from Macungie, have lost 320 pounds in a little over a year. They currently live in Indiana. We would get winded walking up […] Read more

'biggest Loser' Shares Tips For Shedding Pounds

Success in weight loss comes down to three principles: manage your mouth, multiply your muscle and master your mind. Theyre the guidelines laid out by former Biggest Loser contestant Pete Thomas to a full house of attendees at the Rustic Lodge in White Township on Thursday. The event coincided with Indiana Regional Medical Centers Institute Read more

11 Simple Weight Loss Tips

Jessica Simpson through the years Jessica Simpson through the years Jessica Simpson through the years Jessica Simpson through the years Jessica Simpson through the years Jessica Simpson through the years Jessica Simpson through the years Jessica Simpson through the years Jessica Simpson through the years Jessica Simpson through the years STORY Read more

What Dietitians Really Eat

Amid the latest fad diets and celebrity weight-loss secrets, experts’ opinions are often overlooked. Vice-president of Dietitians New Zealand, dietitian Hannah Cullinane, says International Dietitians Day is an opportunity for the professionals to get a word in. While anyone can call themselves a nutritionist (to become registered requires Read more

Obesity Experts Say New Nutrition Labels Will Help Medical And Surgical Weight Loss Patients Make Healthier Food Choices

Springfield, New Jersey (PRWEB) February 28, 2014 The FDAs proposed changes to nutrition labels will make it easier for bariatric surgery[1] and medical weight loss patients to make healthy decisions at the grocery store, say the doctors and dietitians at New Jersey Bariatric Center[2], a medical and surgical weight loss center that performs Read more
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Tips From The Winning Team

Heres more of what individual members of the winning Lose to Win team had to say about their 12-week competition, which ran from last September into December (Read more on Pages 8-9): Donna Tschantre 2013 team captain I lost 30 pounds. I have more to lose and know it is not an easy road ahead. […] Read more
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