Understanding Spasticity After Stroke

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The key to personalized vitamins: Understanding medication and nutrient interactions

(BPT) – Technology, science and research are turning our world into a personalized powerhouse at our fingertips, including products made specifically for us delivered to our doorsteps. We wear personal fitness trackers to track our steps, sleep and heart rates. Personal trainers are commonplace to design fitness routines that are made just for us. Today, […]

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Understanding the link between salt and health

(BPT) – The news lately is full of articles about salt and health. Everyone seems to be getting either too much salt or not enough. So which is it? Part of the problem is with how we study the connection. Fortunately, researchers on both sides of the issue are starting to agree on how best […]

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Breathing Matters: The Importance of Understanding COPD

(BPT) – Breathe in. Breathe out. Just take a moment to inhale and exhale. We too often take breathing for granted, but what if taking a breath was a challenge? If you’re someone living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), the third leading cause of death in the United States (US), or know someone living […]

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Understanding Pneumococcal Pneumonia: Facts vs. Misperceptions [Infographic]

(BPT) – Every day 10,000 Americans turn 65 years old.1 At 65, your risk of being hospitalized after getting pneumococcal pneumonia is 13X greater than adults younger than 50.2 The CDC recommends pneumococcal vaccination for all adults 65 years and older3 and states that “vaccination is the safest, most effective way to protect yourself” from […]

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Understanding Mental Health Issues

How would you feel when the whole world is crumbling down before you and the people whom you consider to show concern for you seem to be avoiding you or drifting away because of the unusual behavior you may have been exhibiting? The feeling of depression becomes more intense and you will just continue to […]

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New brain pathways for understanding type 2 diabetes and obesity uncovered

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have identified neural pathways that increase understanding of how the brain regulates body weight, energy expenditure, and blood glucose levels — a discovery that can lead to new therapies for treating Type 2 diabetes and obesity. The study, published in Nature Neuroscience, found that melanocortin 4 receptors (MC4Rs) expressed […]

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How gut bacteria regulate weight gain: Study provides further understanding

Researchers at the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre in University College Cork have discovered how gut bacteria communicate with their host to specifically regulate weight gain and serum cholesterol levels. The research, funded by Science Foundation Ireland, has implications for the rational selection and design of probiotics for the control of obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes. The […]

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Metabolites’ role in understanding disease emphasized

Over-reliance on genetic-centered approaches in predicting, diagnosing and treating disease will lead to few future scientific breakthroughs, cautioned a University of Alabama researcher who co-authored an article in an early online issue of Genetics that advocates for a greater emphasis on the body’s metabolites in understanding illnesses. “To augment the value of genetic data, the […]

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