Looking for a Medicare Part D plan? Consider these 3 things

(BPT) – Many people are surprised to find out that Original Medicare doesn’t cover prescription drugs. For help with the cost of your medications, you can choose a standalone Part D plan or a Medicare Advantage plan with prescription coverage, but navigating your options can be complicated. With Medicare Open Enrollment running from Oct. 15 […]

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Find Medicare Confusing? Start Here

(BPT) – Navigating Medicare can be challenging. In fact, according to a 2017 UnitedHealthcare survey, nearly 40 percent of Medicare beneficiaries find the program confusing. Learning the basics can help you cut through the confusion and make an informed decision about which coverage option may be the right fit for you. Here’s a quick guide […]

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Tips for choosing the Medicare plan that’s right for you

Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. (BPT) – Fall and winter don’t just bring cooler temperatures and the holidays – the final seasons of the year also mean open enrollment for Medicare. For most seniors in the United States, the period between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7 is the only time […]

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Medicare Advantage: 20 years, 20 million people and 4 factors

(BPT) – In 1997, the federal government created the Medicare + Choice program – later renamed Medicare Advantage – to enhance consumer choice and more efficiently deliver Medicare benefits to older Americans. You may have heard of Medicare Advantage, but maybe you don’t know exactly what it is, what it offers and how it can […]

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Turning 65? Choosing the right Medicare Part D plan starts with 4 simple rules

Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. (BPT) – If you’re turning 65 in 2017 or 2018, you’re one of 10,000 people who become Medicare-eligible each day. Choosing Medicare prescription drug coverage can be confusing, especially for the first time. You may have questions about which plan fits your healthcare needs and […]

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Inter Valley Health Plan Provides Tips To Avoid Common Medicare Enrollment Mistakes

POMONA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– With Medicare open enrollment underway, its important enrollees do their homework and research all the options in order to avoid costly mistakes. Whether you are a current Medicare enrollee, a newly-eligible Baby Boomer or someone helping an older adult choose a plan, there are mistakes anyone can make if not careful. Inter […]

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How Boomers Can Plan For Their Health-care Costs In Retirement

Health-care costs are often the big question mark hanging over boomers retirement savings. Its impossible to predict just how much health-care will cost as we age, but there are steps we can take to reduce our risks and protect our savings. Fidelity Investments annual look at expenses for retirees shows a couple, both 65, retiring […]

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Word & Brown Provides Texas' Health Insurance Brokers Five Tips To Increase Their Medicare Business

IRVING, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Starting this month Texas more than 3 million Medicare-eligible individuals will be making their annual healthcare selections and determining whether or not their current coverage is working for them. Their options include traditional Medicare (with or without a supplemental plan); remaining on their existing Medicare Advantage plan; or switching to another plan […]

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Health And Life Insurance Tips For The Sandwich Generation

In a pickle over how to support your adult children and care for your aging parents while also securing a stable retirement for yourself? You’re not alone. This demographic of baby boomers is also called “the sandwich generation” and has its own particular dilemmas when it comes to financial planning for the future. Sandwich boomers […]

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Tips For Female Boomers Nearing Retirement

Female boomers broke the mold when it came to working outside the house and establishing successful careers. The first boomer to file for Social Security last year was a woman, and according to a survey by the Urban Institute, between 1975 and 2007, the number of working women ages 25 to 54 increased to 76% […]

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