Do you have the power to help save a life? [Video]

Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. (BPT) – With nearly 1 in 5 teens admitting to abusing prescription medicine in order to get high, it’s clear we’re facing an epidemic – but you can help. Grab your camera and some friends, and create a 30- to 60-second PSA about opioid misuse […]

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Infuse life into the bath for a spa-like oasis

(BPT) – Today, more than ever, homeowners gravitate toward design elements that transform the bath into a spa-like oasis. Designers look to incorporate pieces inspired by the natural world to bring renewed energy into the room and create a soothing environment. From fixtures inspired by booming waterfalls, to neutral color schemes and natural light, nature […]

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Life After Lung Cancer: How One Survivor is Fighting for Others

Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. (BPT) – More people die of lung cancer each year than colon, breast and prostate cancers combined. Yet there is still a widely held belief that it is a self-inflicted disease. The truth is that regardless of age, gender, athleticism, or overall health, lung cancer […]

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Being human takes guts: Make sure yours are up for it at every stage of life [Infographic]

(BPT) – Being human means juggling a hectic life at every age – and that takes guts. Beyond digestive support, research shows a healthy gut can positively impact one’s overall health and well-being. Here are ways a daily probiotic like Renew Life can support a healthy gut and help power the potential at every stage […]

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Depressed? Drug-free treatments can make life enjoyable again

(BPT) – The cloud of depression darkens many lives, affecting 300 million people around the world, according to the World Health Organization. While antidepressant medication works for some depression sufferers, research is increasingly revealing what those suffering from depression have said for years: Medication is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. In fact, a study published in […]

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A New Kind of Life Insurance for Those Living with Diabetes

(BPT) – For people living with diabetes, the condition is a part of their everyday life and one that impacts many of their decisions, from balancing what they eat to taking care of their health. One area that might not be top of mind for people living with diabetes is life insurance. That’s because many […]

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Is your hearing loss a barrier to a happy life?

(BPT) – Sheliadawn Fitch would wonder if it really was possible for her to hear again. But she would shove aside those thoughts, overcome by fear and uncertainty, telling herself she was doing okay. Not that you could blame her. The vivacious Texan had been through a lot, having lost much of her ability to […]

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Mandy Moore’s Advice to Pursuing Life Goals

Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. (BPT) – You hear a lot about dreams in our society these days. Companies tell you to ‘dream big’ or ‘dream fearlessly.’ Yet no one tells you to ‘dream prepared.’ And when you get down to it, this last idea may be the most important […]

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The NFL concussion settlement gives former NFL players a chance for a better life

(BPT) – After years of waiting, the NFL concussion settlement affecting thousands of retired NFL players is now open for registration, which means former players, their family and their representatives can begin to take advantage of the benefits the settlement provides. To be eligible, all retired players and their representatives must register by Aug. 7, […]

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3 cornerstones to a longer, healthier, happier life for your pet

(BPT) – Your pets are members of the family. They are the source of some of your best memories, they are your travel companions, your confidantes and your evening snuggle partners. You love them and you want them to live the longest, healthiest and happiest life possible. Like it is for you, achieving the healthiest, […]

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