Making sense of nutrition labels

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Decoding food labels: Scary additives or gifts from nature?

(BPT) – Food-ingredient labels are getting shorter. Why? Because the people have spoken: We want fewer, better ingredients in our foods. We asked, and the companies that make our food responded by replacing artificial colors and flavors, removing what’s unessential, and using naturally derived ingredients. But even shorter “clean” labels can still read like a […]

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Reading Food Labels; Buyer Beware!

As you stroll up and down the isles at the supermarket filling your grocery cart, you are armed with everything you need to make sure you choose your items wisely. Making good, healthy choices is the very reason you carefully put together your shopping list the night before. Now, you know that most of the […]

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How To Find Really Healthy Food In The Grocery Store

Do you really know what is healthy food? We all try and stick to choosing healthy items when grocery shopping or eating out, but how well do we really know our foods? Discover how to find out about reading between the lines, what to look out for in labels and how to dine out healthily. […]

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Food labels are important to dieters

Dieters are more likely to read and understand food labels than people who aren’t dieting. This is the finding of a study by Audrey Spencer from Lancaster University to be presented today, Thursday 8 May 2014, at the British Psychological Society annual conference hosted at the Birmingham International Convention Centre. Some 255 participants completed questionnaires […]

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Obesity Experts Say New Nutrition Labels Will Help Medical And Surgical Weight Loss Patients Make Healthier Food Choices

Springfield, New Jersey (PRWEB) February 28, 2014 The FDAs proposed changes to nutrition labels will make it easier for bariatric surgery[1] and medical weight loss patients to make healthy decisions at the grocery store, say the doctors and dietitians at New Jersey Bariatric Center[2], a medical and surgical weight loss center that performs Gastric Bypass, […]

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