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Every single person needs this essential nutrient. Are you getting enough?

(BPT) – We've all heard the saying "knowledge is power." When it comes to good health, most people recognize the important role nutrition plays in a healthy lifestyle. However, according to a recent study by the Global Nutrition and Health Alliance (GNHA), despite efforts to eat a balanced diet, 98 percent of people do not […] Read more

Taking charge of your AFib: Getting the facts and knowing your options

(BPT) – Being diagnosed with a chronic medical condition can be overwhelming. Patients and their doctors face a delicate balancing act to weigh the risks of a disease against the potential side effects and inconveniences of treatment. This is certainly true for patients with atrial fibrillation, better known as AFib, who have a significantly Read more

Are you ready for flu season? Help protect you and your loved ones by getting vaccinated

(BPT) – Fever, chills, fatigue, body aches, sore throat and headache – these are just a few of the common symptoms of seasonal influenza, also known as the flu. While you may think you can weather the storm, the flu can be a major health concern for you and your family, especially for children and […] Read more

Sick of being sick? 5 tips to getting better and kicking that cold to the curb

(BPT) – From obligations at work to errands and chores and making time for family and friends -- your plate is fuller than ever and, unfortunately, getting sick can throw a major wrench into your marathon of activities and greatly hamper your productivity. Despite how frustrating it can be, your busy life doesn't come to […] Read more

The Surprising Reason You May Not Be Getting Results

If you work out and "eat right," you may still be frustrated by a lack of results. There is a very surprising possible reason why and it concerns the placebo effect--or more accurately, the "nocebo" effect. The right combination of exercise and nutrition--applying the right physiology to the problem--is usually enough to Read more