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Every single person needs this essential nutrient. Are you getting enough?

(BPT) – We've all heard the saying "knowledge is power." When it comes to good health, most people recognize the important role nutrition plays in a healthy lifestyle. However, according to a recent study by the Global Nutrition and Health Alliance (GNHA), despite efforts to eat a balanced diet, 98 percent of people do not […] Read more

L-arginine: A Non-essential Amino Acid With Essential Health Benefits

Many people have included physical exercise as part of their daily routine. Medical studies show that a fit body can handle the stress of everyday life and may help maintain both physical and mental health. To achieve a fit body, individuals should include regular exercise and nutritious diets. Nutrition involves the consumption of proper vitamins Read more
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A Strategic Plan: 5 Essential No-cost Or Low-cost Resources To Short-cut Your Profits In The Health Niche Market

Are you ready for the health market explosion that the baby boomers are about to bring onto the internet? If not there’s, a good chance that you’ll want to get ready for it. The reason why; In just five years, more than 100 million consumers and your potential customers in North America will be 50 […] Read more

Is Weight Training Essential for Great Fitness

If you are wanting to get in the best shape of your life, you may believe you need cardiovascular training. Although this is true, you should also incorporate weight training. The below article contains great knowledge on this concept for those who are not familiar with it.  First, understand that you should not be lifting […] Read more
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Fitness Guru Dawna Hudson-uhles Gives 6 Essential Tips To Fight Fat During The Holidays

As Christmas and New Years Eve are rapidly approaching, many waistlines are rapidly expanding largely due to holiday social gatherings and those particularly scrumptious dishes allotted to this special time of year. Fitness game changer Dawna Hudson-Uhles offers her secrets to keeping in shape during the holidays. Bakersfield, CA (PRWEB) November Read more
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