Morning inspiration: Choosing a better breakfast

(BPT) – The alarm beeps as you gaze out the window at the soft sunlight welcoming the day. You roll out of bed and your stomach grumbles. You stumble to the kitchen to see how you can tame the hunger pangs, ultimately reaching for a doughnut or prepackaged breakfast bar. While this may satisfy momentarily, […]

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Tips for choosing the Medicare plan that’s right for you

Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. (BPT) – Fall and winter don’t just bring cooler temperatures and the holidays – the final seasons of the year also mean open enrollment for Medicare. For most seniors in the United States, the period between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7 is the only time […]

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Turning 65? Choosing the right Medicare Part D plan starts with 4 simple rules

Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. (BPT) – If you’re turning 65 in 2017 or 2018, you’re one of 10,000 people who become Medicare-eligible each day. Choosing Medicare prescription drug coverage can be confusing, especially for the first time. You may have questions about which plan fits your healthcare needs and […]

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Title Choosing The Best Ski Boot For You

The most obvious piece of advice you can ever get on choosing the right ski boot is to find one that fits. However, this is not the only thing to look for when shopping around for the best deal. There are many other things involved and the following information will help you decide how to […]

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Choosing Your Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment is a large group of tools that are used in exercise and are referred to also as exercise equipment. These can include simple items such as balls, track shoes and skipping ropes as well as more complex pieces of equipment such as treadmills, weights, bicycles and many others. Today a wide range of […]

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Health Net Offers Tips On Choosing Health Coverage

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)– In recognition of Wise Health Consumer Month which began Feb. 1 Health Net, Inc.[1] (HNT[2]) is offering helpful tips to those shopping for health coverage. Individuals are able to sign up for health insurance in the federal and state exchanges also known as the Health Insurance Marketplace through March 31, so this […]

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Healthy And Effective: Choosing The Best Supplements For Weight Loss

When making a decision about the best weight loss supplements to take, the information available can get somewhat confusing. After all, every company thinks that they put out the best supplements for weight loss, and their advertising will reflect that. However, the companies that are putting out the supplements are hardly the most unbiased sources […]

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Choosing Weight Loss Exercises For Women

If you are a personal trainer, one ongoing challenge is often finding weight loss exercises for women. If you are not focused on maintaining novel forms of exercise, the females in your group are likely to get bored or lose motivation, because you simply don’t have the level of variety to keep their interest over […]

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Choosing Health Insurance That Meets Your Needs

MISSION, KS–(Marketwire – Jan 3, 2013) – (Family Features) Millions of working Americans are still without health insurance, and many more worry about whether they’ll be able to afford their existing coverage due to rising health costs. “With the rising cost of care, individuals want more affordable options when it comes to health insurance,” says […]

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Genesee’s Healthy Economy: Ask The Expert About Choosing A Health Care Career Wisely

GENESEE COUNTY, MI Employment in the health care industry is continuing to grow in Genesee County. Applications to colleges and universities in the area have dramatically increased over the years and hospitals and other related career fields are growing and expanding. Health jobs are projected to increase by 14,000 positions by 2018, according to data […]

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